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Zod Rune
Number 33 of 33
Zod Rune.png

Weapons: Indestructible
Armor: Indestructible
Helms: Indestructible
Shields: Indestructible

Level Requirement: 69

Zod is the rarest rune in Diablo II. It can only be obtained in Hell difficulty, from Baal, Diablo, Hephasto the Armorer, Hell Bovines, Nihlathak, unique monsters or ranged minions or wraith-class minions in areas of level 78 or higher, champion monsters or melee minions in areas of level 79 or higher, regular ranged or wraith-class monsters in areas of level 81 or higher, or regular melee monsters in areas in areas of level 82 or higher. Two Cham runes and one Flawless Emerald are needed to create one Zod through the Horadric Cube (this does not work on regular Battle.net).

Zod is only required for one Rune Word.

Rune words

Breath of the Dying
6 Socket Weapons
Vex •  Hel •  El •  Eld •  Zod •  Eth
Level Requirement: 69

50% Chance to Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy
+60% Increased Attack Speed
+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+200% Damage to Undead
-25% Target Defense
+50 to Attack Rating
+50 to Attack Rating Against Undead
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
12-15% Life Stolen Per hit (varies)
Prevent Monster Heal
+30 to All Attributes
+1 to Light Radius
Requirements -20%