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The Zakarum church is religion devoted to worship the Light, a divine quality that all men possess[1]. The faith was founded before the formation of the Horadrim, and by that time were entrusted with guarding Mephisto's soulstone, which they did for several hundred years. However, they were unaware of the flaws of the soulstones. Mephisto eventually managed to corrupt the leadership of the priesthood and used the church to control the land of Kehjistan during the events of Diablo II. Today the religion is a shadow of its former self but still exists.

The name comes from "Zakara", which means "inner light".



Zakarum was founded by the ascetic Akarat sometime after the Mage Clan Wars when humanity started to reject magic and embrace faith instead. Hailing from Xiansai, Akarat one day beheld a flash of light in the sky which gave him a revelation regarding mankind and the universe itself. Akarat believed that an angel named Yaerius had given him this insight, though whether it was really an angel or not is not known.[2]

Rise to Power

After receiving his revelation, Akarat set about travelling Kehjistan to spread his message, before he journeyed into the jungles and was never seen again. But his message had been heard by many others, who continued to preach in his name. These humble beginnings eventually led to the formation of a small religions group, which was at the time noticed by Tal Rasha, leader of the Horadrim. Certain that the followers of Zakarum were the only ones who could guard Mephisto's soulstone while the Horadrim continued their hunt, the small religion was entrusted with guarding it.[3]

Over time the order grew and eventually became the dominant political, religious and military force in Kehjistan. The Zakarum faith grew into a structured organization and eventually set it sights on liberating the "barbaric" lands to the west. To accomplish this it sent Rakkis, a champion of the faith, on a crusade whereby lands such as Westmarch were conquered and subsequently ruled over by the Zakarum, spreading their reach across most of the known world.[4]


Over the centuries Mephisto was kept at the Temple of Light in Travincal, the religious center of Zakarum. Eventually Mephisto tried to corrupt Khalim, the Que-Hegan of the time. Khalim however proved to be too virtuous for Mephisto's manipulations, and so he made Sankekur, one of the archbishops, murder Khalim and shove Mephisto's soulstone into himself, becoming the new Que Hegan and the host of Mephisto himself. With the High Council under his command but without anyone else's knowledge, he began ruling over the order. One such act was sending Leoric and archbishop Lazarus to the western land of Khanduras. Ostensibly this was to liberate the country, much like Rakkis had done in the past, but the true purpose of the journey was to find Diablo's soulstone and release him as Mephisto had been.

Current Affairs

Mephisto and the entire High Council were killed by the band of Heroes during the events of Diablo II, throwing the religion into turmoil.


The Zakarum are based at the city of Travincal in Kurast. Their ruling council, the High Council of Zakarum, rules from the majestic Temple of Light in the middle of Travincal. The Zakarum is ruled by the Que-Hegan, the highest priest in the organization.

Very little else is known about the structure of the faith, and how much of it remains intact in the present day.

Known Members


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