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Conversation ID Conversation
Conv_A1C1CainIntro_Line25Wiz You live! Fortune smiles on you, old man. I\'m here to bring you back to Leah.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line1Wiz This is your wife? She appears...unwell.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line3Wiz Well, I\'m certain her illness will not worsen.
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue5_Line1Wiz Hmm... really?
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue6_Line1Wiz You must stop this now.
Conv_Blacksmith_ApprenticeFound_Line0Wiz I have bad news, friend. Your apprentice has died.
Conv_Blacksmith_CellarCallout_Line1Wiz You are helping them, you don\'t need to be sorry.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line12Wiz Then help me. I will use your handiwork for great things.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line7Wiz I\'m afraid I have bad news. Your apprentice has died.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line10Wiz Blacksmith, this is fine work.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line12Wiz Then help me - I will use your handiwork for great things.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line1Wiz I need you to mend Leoric\'s crown for me.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line7Wiz I\'m afraid I have bad news. Your apprentice has died.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line0Wiz I am sorry about your wife, Haedrig. I wish it had not come to that.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line2Wiz Haedrig, it is only proper to grieve for Mira.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line4Wiz I can\'t imagine your pain. I\'ve never been... close to anyone.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line0Wiz Your grandfather was King Leoric\'s chancellor? Tell me about him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line4Wiz I studied the fall of Tristram, but it is easy to forget that it happened to real people. Your grandfather was a brave man.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line0Wiz I lived in Caldeum not too long ago. You said you were there with your father?
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line5Wiz Did it?
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line1Wiz I must admit I\'m curious.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line6Wiz You\'ve known such tragedy in your life, my friend.
Conv_Blacksmith_Protector_Line11Wiz What do you mean?
Conv_Blacksmith_RescueCain_Line11Wiz He is alive--and I will rescue him.
Conv_Blacksmith_ThankYou_New_Line0Wiz Well, Haedrig, Deckard Cain told me you know where Leoric\'s crown is.
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line1Wiz What\'s your trouble, friend?
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line3Wiz I hope she recovers.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line14Wiz Blacksmith, Deckard Cain said you could help me find the crown of Leoric.
Conv_BlacksmithIntro_New_Line19Wiz I know it will be difficult, but she would want you to do it. I will help you.
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line3Wiz You said Diablo drove Leoric mad?
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line4Wiz What happened after he became the Skeleton King?
Conv_Cain_AboutWorldstoneDestruction_Line5Wiz The Worldstone\'s destruction must have unleashed incredible energies.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_Line3Wiz Leoric\'s tale is sad, but I am here to find the fallen star and the Skeleton King stands in my way.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_New_Line3Wiz Leoric\'s tale is sad, but I am here to find the fallen star and the Skeleton King stands in my way.
Conv_Cain_IdentifyItem_Line6Wiz How did you learn to identify items?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line0Wiz I have the crown. How do I reach the Skeleton King?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line5Wiz The Skeleton King dies today. I must find the fallen star.
Conv_Cain_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1Wiz You can\'t truly believe that.
Conv_Cain_UndeadBashing_Line4Wiz Cain! I will save you!
Conv_CainAboutLeah_1_Line1Wiz I notice a great fondness between you and Leah.
Conv_CainAboutLeah_2_Line4Wiz I heard that you took Leah on your searches for ancient artifacts and tomes. Wasn\'t that dangerous?
Conv_Crown_Lore_Line0Wiz Now that the Skeleton King has been vanquished, his crown must not be found by those who would use it for their unholy, sorcerous ends.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line0Wiz This isn\'t the right crypt. The crown must be in one of the other ones.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line2Wiz No you don\'t.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False2_Line0Wiz This is the wrong crypt, the crown isn\'t here.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_TheRightOne_Line0Wiz This looks like a crypt fit for a chancellor. The crown must be here.
Conv_DyingGuy_GameIntro_Line1Wiz Be at peace.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Line0Wiz What happened to this grave?
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Mid_Line0Wiz Will the dead never learn to stay dead?
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Outro_Line0Wiz Stay in the ground this time.
Conv_Event_A1OldTristram_ZombieTree_PlayerCallout_Line0Wiz Another unlucky villager...
Conv_Event_FamilyThatBurrows_Line0Wiz He hasn\'t been dead long. Whatever killed him must be near.
Conv_Event_FoundApprentice_Line0Wiz Haedrig\'s apprentice is dead. I should tell him.
Conv_Event_GameHunters_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0Wiz That didn\'t end the way they planned...
Conv_Event_House1000Undead_End_Line0Wiz They can rest again.
Conv_Event_OldTristCellar_QuillDemonChase_PlayerCallout1_Line0Wiz Where\'s all the treasure? The fiends didn\'t take it, did they?
Conv_Event_OldTristram_BlackMushroom_Line0Wiz Now, those are some big mushrooms.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0Wiz What a fool, summoning spirits he couldn\'t control!
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_ShamanChant_Line1Wiz What kind of dark summoning is this?
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_InsideSkellieGreet_Line2Wiz Forbidden knowledge? How tempting.
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_SkellieIntro2_Line1Wiz Sorry, I\'m not tired.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line6Wiz I\'m sorry.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line8Wiz I regret to inform you that your brother died in the caves below. For what it\'s worth, I killed the ones responsible.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_QuestInfo_Line8Wiz They need to be shown the error of their ways. Painfully.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_StartQuest_Line10Wiz Then we must hurry and find them.
Conv_FarmAmbushFlyerFarmer_Greet_Line1Wiz That\'s usually a sign to leave.
Conv_FerrymanPort_To_Wertham_Line1Wiz I need to take the ferry to Wortham.
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_End_Player_Line0Wiz The dead can\'t let go of battles long past...
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_PlayerEntersArea_Line0Wiz This is a curious monument...
Conv_FesteringWoods_exNeph03_Line2Wiz They cannot escape the battles of the past.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_01_Line67Wiz There is so much more in this universe.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_02_Line69Wiz It is destiny. Let us keep moving.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_03_Line67Wiz I am guided by prophecy. There\'s no reason to be afraid.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_04_Line61Wiz Perhaps the sun is neutral.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_05_Line0Wiz That\'s an effective spear you carry.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_06_Line0Wiz Have you always been so devout?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_08_Line1Wiz They appear before a magistrate and then are thrown in prison.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_09_Line1Wiz Hah! He can\'t help himself. Don\'t worry about it.
Conv_Fol_SC_VendorBrotherWon_Line1Wiz What makes you say that?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral1_Line1Wiz Perhaps if they had stayed none of this would have happened.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line0Wiz You seem worried. What troubles you, templar?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line2Wiz We will purify it together, friend.
Conv_Fol_TP_CathedralRoad_Line1Wiz They are hollow shells.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cemetery_Line3Wiz That is kind of you. I am more proud to call you a friend though.
Conv_Fol_TP_Crypts1_Line1Wiz My studies indicate that it\'s unlikely.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods_Line0Wiz Does this place frighten you, templar?
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods2_Line1Wiz I\'d call it a waste of a good afterlife.
Conv_Fol_TP_HallsofAgony4_Line1Wiz I am simply following my destiny.
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line0Wiz Did you have many friends at the order?
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line2Wiz I\'ll take that as a \"no.\"
Conv_Guard_About_LeahAndCain_Line1Wiz What can you tell me about Leah and her uncle, Deckard Cain?
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0Wiz Sorry about that.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line1Wiz Truly sorry.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line2Wiz My fault.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line4Wiz That\'s my fault.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line0Wiz Help me!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line1Wiz I need some help.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line2Wiz A little help please?
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line0Wiz I am unstoppable!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line1Wiz How does that feel?
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line2Wiz I\'m just warming up!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line3Wiz Your grave awaits!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line4Wiz You dare attack me?
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line5Wiz Didn\'t see that coming, did you?
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line6Wiz I am so good, I astound myself.
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line7Wiz If only they could see me now!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line8Wiz Your defenses are nothing!
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line0Wiz Farewell.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line1Wiz Bye!
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line2Wiz Goodbye.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line4Wiz See you later.
Conv_Hero_Go_Line0Wiz Ready to go!
Conv_Hero_Go_Line2Wiz Let\'s do this!
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line0Wiz I\'m healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line1Wiz Healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line2Wiz Health returns.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line4Wiz I\'ve been healed.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line0Wiz Will I be moving today?
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line1Wiz Any time now.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line2Wiz My time is more valuable than this.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line3Wiz My talents are wasting away...
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line4Wiz Perhaps I should just wander around.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line5Wiz Is anyone paying attention?
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line0Wiz Follow!
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line1Wiz Come along.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line2Wiz Get over here.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line4Wiz Just stay with me.
Conv_Hero_Leah_01_Line161Wiz But not like this, eh?
Conv_Hero_Leah_02_Line161Wiz What do you miss about it?
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line161Wiz I don\'t think that life is for me.
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line200Wiz So kind.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line161Wiz Tell me about this inn you want to open.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line200Wiz You must make your own safety.
Conv_Hero_Leah_05_Line1Wiz People will do anything for power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line0Wiz I\'ve leveled up.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line3Wiz Nicely done.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line4Wiz I didn\'t think I could get any better.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line5Wiz My power grows.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line6Wiz I become more powerful.
Conv_Hero_No_Line0Wiz No.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line0Wiz Take this.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line1Wiz Here.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line2Wiz You want this?
Conv_Hero_PvP_Attack_Line0Wiz Attack!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Hold_Line0Wiz Hold this point!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Objective_Line0Wiz Take the objective!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Retreat_Line0Wiz Retreat!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Stay_Line0Wiz Stay here.
Conv_Hero_Run_Line0Wiz Start running!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line1Wiz Get out of here!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line2Wiz Make a run for it!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line0Wiz You\'re going to die.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line10Wiz You\'re almost not worth it.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line1Wiz Hope you\'ve made your peace.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line2Wiz Are you ready to die?
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line3Wiz Too easy!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line4Wiz I don\'t know why I trouble myself.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line5Wiz Is that all you\'ve got?
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line6Wiz Are you really that foolish?
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line7Wiz You offend me.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line8Wiz Your mother shouldn\'t have spawned you!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line9Wiz I am too much for you.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line0Wiz Thanks.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line1Wiz Thanks a lot.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line0Wiz Wait for me.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line2Wiz Just one second here!
Conv_Hero_Yes_Line0Wiz Yes.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1Wiz Well, I suppose that could be interesting. What are you doing so far from Xiansai?
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line3Wiz I somehow feel that you aren\'t being entirely truthful with me.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line1Wiz I\'m afraid he got the better of you, old man.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line3Wiz You look very pleased with yourself.
Conv_Karyna_AboutMystic_Line1Wiz Myriam?
Conv_Leah_AboutAdria_Line5Wiz What did you discover about your mother?
Conv_Leah_AdriasCellar_New_Line1Wiz I\'ll search the cathedral. You stay here and learn what you can.
Conv_Leah_AdriasDeath_Line1Wiz How did your mother die?
Conv_Leah_AfterKilling_Line1Wiz I will make certain that doesn\'t happen. Your town is safe.
Conv_Leah_BarIntro_Line0Wiz Are you Leah? Rumford said you survived the fallen star.
Conv_Leah_CainRescueIntro_New_Line1Wiz Come, let us search for your uncle.
Conv_Leah_OnWayToAdrias_Line1Wiz What about your father?
Conv_Leah_TellMeAboutYourself_Line4Wiz What is he looking for?
Conv_LeahCainReturns_New_Line21Wiz Our time is running short. What can you tell me about the fallen star?
Conv_Mystic_BlacksmithQuest_Line1Wiz Are you trying to confuse me?
Conv_Mystic_InTristram02_Line3Wiz Why, would my words give it power?
Conv_Mystic_Protector_Line1Wiz And your guidance has always been so helpful.
Conv_Mystic_RescueCain_Line1Wiz Deckard Cain doesn\'t charge me to identify my items.