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Skill progression is simply unlocking greater active and passive skills as a character levels. All characters receive at least one skill unlock per level with the first rune skill at level 9. Passive skills [Italicized in the table] are first unlocked at level 10. The final active skill is unlocked at level 30 and the final passive skill at level 60 for Wizards.

1Magic Missile.png Magic MissileLaunch a missile of magic energy, causing 110% weapon damage as Arcane.
2Ray of Frost.png Ray of FrostProject a beam of frozen ice that blasts 215% weapon damage as Cold to the first enemy it hits, slowing the target's movement by 30% for 3 seconds.
3Shock Pulse.png Shock PulseRelease a medium range pulse of 3 unpredictable charges of electricity that deal 105% weapon damage as Lightning.
4Frost Nova.png Frost NovaBlast nearby enemies with an explosion of ice and freeze them for 3 seconds.
5Arcane Orb.png Arcane OrbHurl an orb of pure energy that explodes when it hits, dealing 175% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 10 yards.
6Magic Missile.png Magic Missile: Charged BlastIncreases the damage of Magic Missile to 143% weapon damage as Arcane.
7Ray of Frost.png Ray of Frost: NumbIncrease the amount the target's movement is slowed to 60% for 3 seconds.
8Diamond Skin.png Diamond SkinTransform your skin to diamond for 6 seconds, absorbing up to 10853 damage from incoming attacks.
9Shock Pulse.png Shock Pulse: Explosive BoltsSlain enemies explode, dealing 70% weapon damage as Lightning to every enemy within 10 yards.
Wave of Force.png Wave of ForceDischarge a wave of pure energy that repels projectiles and knocks back nearby enemies. This also slows the movement of enemies by 60% and deals 200% weapon damage as Physical.
10Blur.png BlurDecreases melee damage taken by 20%.
Power Hungry.png Power HungryGain 30 Arcane Power whenever you are healed by a health globe.
11Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb: ObliterationIncrease the damage of the explosion to deal 228% weapon damage as Arcane.
Spectral Blade.png Spectral BladeSummon a spectral blade that strikes all enemies in your path for 135% weapon damage.
12Frost Nova.png Frost Nova: ShatterA frozen enemy that is killed has a 50% chance of releasing another Frost Nova.
Arcane Torrent.png Arcane TorrentHurl a barrage of arcane projectiles that deal 175% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies near the impact location.
13Magic Missile.png Magic Missile: SplitFire 3 missiles that each deal 50% weapon damage as Arcane.
Energy Twister.png Energy TwisterUnleash a twister of pure energy that deals 360% weapon damage as Arcane over 6 seconds to everything in its path.
Evocation.png EvocationReduces all cooldowns by 15%.
14Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin: Crystal ShellIncreases the maximum amount of damage absorbed to 21707 damage.
Ice Armor.png Ice ArmorSurround yourself in a barrier of ice. Melee attackers are either Chilled or Frozen for 2 seconds. Lasts 120 seconds.
15Ray of Frost.png Ray of Frost: Snow BlastUsing continuously on a single target increases damage over 1.5 seconds to inflict a maximum of 280% weapon damage as Cold.
Wave of Force.png Wave of Force: Impactful WaveIncreases the distance enemies are knocked back and Stuns all affected enemies for 2 seconds.
Electrocute.png ElectrocuteLightning arcs from your fingertips, dealing 80% weapon damage as Lightning. The lightning can jump, hitting up to 2 additional enemies.
16Slow Time.png Slow TimeInvoke a bubble of warped time and space for 8 seconds, reducing enemy attack speed by 20% and movement speed by 30%. This bubble also slows the movement of enemy projectiles by 90%.
Glass Cannon.png Glass CannonIncreases all damage done by 15%, but decreases Armor and resistances by 10%.
17Storm Armor.png Storm ArmorBathe yourself in electrical energy, shocking ranged and melee attackers for 70% weapon damage as Lightning. Lasts 120 seconds.
18Shock Pulse.png Shock Pulse: Fire BoltsCast bolts of fire that each deal 137% weapon damage as Fire.
Frost Nova.png Frost Nova: Cold SnapReduce cooldown of Frost Nova to 9 seconds.
Arcane Torrent.png Arcane Torrent: DisruptionTargets hit by Arcane Torrent become disrupted for 6 seconds, causing them to take 15% additional damage from any attacks that deal Arcane damage.
19Spectral Blade.png Spectral Blade: Deep CutsEnemies hit by the blade will Bleed for an additional 35% weapon damage over 3 seconds.
Energy Twister.png Energy Twister: Mistral BreezeReduces casting cost of Energy Twister to 20 Arcane Power.
Explosive Blast.png Explosive BlastGather an infusion of energy around you that explodes after 1.5 seconds, causing 225% weapon damage as Physical to all enemies within 12 yards.
20Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb: Arcane OrbitCreate 4 Arcane Orbs that orbit you, exploding for 70% weapon damage as Arcane when enemies get close.
Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin: PrismReduces Arcane Power cost of all spells by 7 while Diamond Skin is active.
Magic Weapon.png Magic WeaponImbue your weapon with magical energy, granting it 10% increased damage. Lasts 5 minutes.
Prodigy.png ProdigyThe following skills are Signature spells: Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, Electrocute
21Ice Armor.png Ice Armor: Chilling AuraLower the temperature of the air around you. Nearby enemies are chilled, slowing their movement speed by 30%.
Disintegrate.png DisintegrateThrust a beam of pure energy forward, dealing 155% weapon damage as Arcane and disintegrating enemies it kills.
Hydra.png HydraSummon a multi-headed Hydra for 15 seconds that attacks enemies with bolts of fire dealing 28% weapon damage as Fire. You may only have one Hydra active at a time.
22Wave of Force.png Wave of Force: Force AffinityReduce casting cost to 15 Arcane Power and the cooldown is reduced to 12 seconds.
Electrocute.png Electrocute: Chain LightningIncreases the maximum number of enemies that can be electrocuted to 6.
Familiar.png FamiliarSummon a companion that will attack your targets for 20% weapon damage as Arcane. This companion cannot be targeted or damaged by enemies and lasts for 5 minutes.
Teleport.png TeleportTeleport through the ether to the selected location up to 35 yards away.
23Slow Time.png Slow Time: MiasmaSlow Time effects cling to enemies for 3 seconds after they have left the bubble.
Storm Armor.png Storm Armor: Reactive ArmorWhenever you are hit, you have a chance to be enveloped with a lightning shield for 6 seconds that shocks nearby enemies for 50% weapon damage as Lightning.
24Spectral Blade.png Spectral Blade: Impactful BladesHits have a 5% chance to cause Knockback and Slow the movement of enemies by 60% for 1 second.
Energy Twister.png Energy Twister: Gale ForceIncreases the damage of Energy Twister to 468% weapon damage as Arcane.
Explosive Blast.png Explosive Blast: UnleashedReduces the casting cost of Explosive Blast to 10 Arcane Power.
Astral Presence.png Astral PresenceIncreases your maximum Arcane Power by 20 and Arcane Power regeneration by 2 per second.
25Arcane Torrent.png Arcane Torrent: Death BlossomUnleash a torrent of power beyond your control. You no longer direct where the projectiles go, but their damage is increased to 670% weapon damage as Arcane.
Meteor.png MeteorSummon an immense Meteor that plummets from the sky, causing 200% weapon damage as Fire to all enemies it crashes into. The ground it hits is scorched with molten fire that deals 60% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
Mirror Image.png Mirror ImageSummon 2 illusionary duplicates of yourself that last for 7 seconds and have 25% of your Life. The images may cast some of the same spells as you, but those spells deal no damage.
26Disintegrate.png Disintegrate: ConvergenceIncrease the width of the beam allowing it to hit more enemies.
Hydra.png Hydra: Arcane HydraSummon an Arcane Hydra that spits Arcane Orbs, which explode on impact, causing 28% weapon damage as Arcane to enemies near the explosion.
Teleport.png Teleport: Safe PassageFor 4 seconds after you Teleport, you will take 30% less damage.
27Magic Weapon.png Magic Weapon: ElectrifyAttacks have a chance to cause lightning to arc to 3 nearby enemies, dealing 10% weapon damage as Lightning.
Blizzard.png BlizzardCall down shards of ice to pelt an area, dealing 210% weapon damage as Cold to all enemies in the area over 6 seconds. Multiple casts in the same area do not stack.
Illusionist.png IllusionistWhenever you suffer more than 15% of your Life in a single hit, the cooldowns on Mirror Image and Teleport are automatically reset.
28Ray of Frost.png Ray of Frost: Cold BloodReduce casting cost to 0 Arcane Power.
Frost Nova.png Frost Nova: Frozen MistFrost Nova no longer freezes enemies, but instead leaves behind a mist of frost that deals 160% weapon damage as Cold over 8 seconds.
Energy Armor.png Energy ArmorFocus your energies, increasing your Armor by 65% but decreasing your maximum Arcane Power by 20. Lasts 120 seconds.
29Electrocute.png Electrocute: Forked LightningCritical Hits release 4 charged bolts in random directions, dealing 46% weapon damage as Lightning to any targets hit.
Slow Time.png Slow Time: Time WarpEnemies caught in the bubble of warped time take 20% more damage.
Explosive Blast.png Explosive Blast: Time BombExplosive Blast detonates from the point it was originally cast after 2.5 seconds for 292% weapon damage as Physical.
Meteor.png Meteor: Molten ImpactIncreases the damage of the Meteor impact to 260% weapon damage as Fire and the molten fire to 78% weapon damage as Fire over 3 seconds.
30Disintegrate.png Disintegrate: Chaos NexusWhen casting the beam you become charged with energy that spits out at nearby enemies doing 40% weapon damage as Arcane.
Familiar.png Familiar: SparkflintSummon a fiery Familiar that increases the damage of all attacks by 12% while Familiar is active.
Archon.png ArchonTransform into a being of pure Arcane energy for 15 seconds. While in Archon form, your normal abilities are replaced by powerful Archon abilities, and your Armor and resistances are increased by 40%. Every enemy killed while in Archon form adds 1 second to the duration of Archon.
Cold Blooded.png Cold BloodedCold damage dealt to chilled and frozen targets is increased by 20%.
31Magic Missile.png Magic Missile: Penetrating BlastMissiles have a 70% chance to pierce through their target and hit additional enemies.
Ice Armor.png Ice Armor: CrystallizeWhenever you are struck by a melee attack, your Armor is increased by 15% for 30 seconds. This effect can stack up to 3 times.
Teleport.png Teleport: WormholeAfter casting Teleport, there is a 1 second delay before the cooldown begins, allowing you to Teleport again.
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image: SimulacrumIncrease the Life of your Mirror Images to 100% of your own.
32Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb: Arcane NovaModify the orb to deal 175% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 20 yards.
Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin: Mirror SkinReflects 50% of damage absorbed back at the attacker.
Wave of Force.png Wave of Force: Forceful WaveIncreases damage to 260% weapon damage as Physical, but reduces Knockback.
Energy Armor.png Energy Armor: AbsorptionYou have a chance to gain 4 Arcane Power whenever you are hit by a ranged or melee attack.
33Shock Pulse.png Shock Pulse: Piercing OrbMerge the bolts in a a single giant orb that oscillates forward dealing 105% weapon damage as Lightning to everything it hits.
Storm Armor.png Storm Armor: Power of the StormReduce the Arcane Power cost of all skills by 3 while Storm Armor is active.
Hydra.png Hydra: Lightning HydraSummon a Lightning Hydra that electrocutes enemies for 34% weapon damage as Lightning.
34Arcane Torrent.png Arcane Torrent: Arcane MinesInstead of firing projectiles, lay Arcane mines that arm after 2 seconds. These mines explode when an enemy approaches, dealing 150% weapon damage as Arcane. Enemies caught in the explosion have their movement and attack speeds reduced by 30% for 3 seconds.
Meteor.png Meteor: Star PactReduces the casting cost of Meteor to 35 Arcane Power.
Conflagration.png ConflagrationFire damage dealt to enemies applies a burning effect, increasing all damage done to them by 10% for 3 seconds.
35Spectral Blade.png Spectral Blade: Siphoning BladeEvery enemy hit grants 1 Arcane Power.
Magic Weapon.png Magic Weapon: Force WeaponIncreases the damage bonus of Magic Weapon to 15% damage, and gives up to a 2% chance to Knockback any enemies hit.
Blizzard.png Blizzard: Grasping ChillAfter the Blizzard ends, the ground is covered in a low lying mist for 3 seconds that Slows the movement speed of enemies by 60%.
36Energy Twister.png Energy Twister: Raging StormWhen two Energy Twisters collide, they merge into a tornado with increased area of effect that causes 360% weapon damage as Arcane over 6 seconds.
Electrocute.png Electrocute: Lightning BlastCreate streaks of lightning that pierce through targets, hitting all enemies for 80% weapon damage as Lightning.
Archon.png Archon: Arcane DestructionAn explosion erupts around you when you transform, causing 450% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 15 yards.
37Storm Armor.png Storm Armor: Strike BackIncrease the damage of the shock to 91% weapon damage as Lightning.
Teleport.png Teleport: ReversalCasting Teleport again within 8 seconds will instantly return you to your original location.
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image: DuplicatesSummon 5 Mirror Images that have 25% of your Life each.
Paralysis.png ParalysisLightning damage dealt to enemies has up to a 8% chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds.
38Ray of Frost.png Ray of Frost: Sleet StormCreate a swirling storm around you, dealing 215% weapon damage as Cold to all enemies caught within it.
Magic Weapon.png Magic Weapon: ConduitAttacks have a chance to restore 1 Arcane Power.
Hydra.png Hydra: Venom HydraSummon a poison breathing Hydra that leaves a pool of acid that causes 18% weapon damage per second as Poison to enemies who remain in the pool.
39Wave of Force.png Wave of Force: Teleporting WaveEnemies caught in the Wave of Force have a 100% chance to be randomly teleported.
Slow Time.png Slow Time: Time ShellReduces the area Slow Time affects to 10 yards, but increases the potency of the movement speed reduction to 80%.
Explosive Blast.png Explosive Blast: Short FuseImmediately release the energy of Explosive Blast for 225% weapon damage as Physical.
Disintegrate.png Disintegrate: VolatilityEnemies killed by the beam have a 35% chance to explode causing 395% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 8 yards.
40Familiar.png Familiar: DartlingSummon a lightning Familiar whose projectiles have a 100% chance to pierce through enemies.
Archon.png Archon: TeleportArchon form can now cast Teleport with a cooldown of 10 seconds.
Galvanizing Ward.png Galvanizing WardThe following skills are improved: Energy Armor Ice Armor Storm Armor
41Frost Nova.png Frost Nova: Deep FreezeIf Frost Nova hits at least 5 targets, you gain a 15% bonus to Critical Hit Chance for 12 seconds.
Energy Twister.png Energy Twister: Wicked WindTwisters no longer travel but spin in place, dealing 252% weapon damage as Arcane over 6 seconds to everything caught in them.
Energy Armor.png Energy Armor: Pinpoint BarrierIncreases your chance to critically hit by 5% while Energy Armor is active.
42Magic Missile.png Magic Missile: AttunementWhenever Magic Missile hits a target you gain 4 Arcane Power.
Ice Armor.png Ice Armor: Jagged IceMelee attackers also take 100% weapon damage as Cold.
Blizzard.png Blizzard: Frozen SolidEnemies caught in the Blizzard have a 20% chance to be Frozen for 3 seconds.
43Storm Armor.png Storm Armor: ScrambleIncreases your movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds whenever you are hit by melee or ranged attacks.
Teleport.png Teleport: FractureSummon 2 decoys for 8 seconds after teleporting.
Meteor.png Meteor: Meteor ShowerUnleash a volley of 7 smaller Meteors that each strike for 80% weapon damage as Fire.
44Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin: Enduring SkinIncreases the duration of Diamond Skin to 8 seconds.
Electrocute.png Electrocute: Surge of PowerGain 1 Arcane Power for every enemy hit by Electrocute.
Familiar.png Familiar: Ancient GuardianSummon a protective Familiar. When you are below 35% Life the Familiar will fully absorb damage from 1 attack every 6 seconds.
45Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb: Tap the SourceReduce casting cost to 20 Arcane Power.
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image: Mocking DemiseWhen a Mirror Image is destroyed, it explodes, doing 45% weapon damage as Physical and has a 50% chance to Stun for 2 seconds.
Temporal Flux.png Temporal FluxWhenever you deal Arcane damage, enemies are slowed by 30% for 2 seconds.
46Magic Weapon.png Magic Weapon: VenomAttacks poison enemies, dealing 15% weapon damage as Poison over 3 seconds.
Hydra.png Hydra: Frost HydraSummon a Frost Hydra that breathes a short range cone of frost, causing 31% weapon damage as Cold to all enemies in the cone.
Archon.png Archon: Pure PowerDecreases the cooldown of Archon to 100 seconds.
47Shock Pulse.png Shock Pulse: Lightning AffinityEvery target hit by a pulse restores 2 Arcane Power.
Slow Time.png Slow Time: PerpetuityReduces the cooldown of Slow Time to 16 seconds.
Blizzard.png Blizzard: SnowboundReduces the casting cost of Blizzard to 20 Arcane Power.
48Disintegrate.png Disintegrate: EntropyThe beam fractures into a short-ranged cone that deals 178% weapon damage as Arcane.
Meteor.png Meteor: CometTransforms the Meteor to ice that deals 240% weapon damage as Cold. The impact site is covered in a freezing mist that deals 72% weapon damage as Cold and Slows enemy movement by 60% over 3 seconds.
Energy Armor.png Energy Armor: Energy TapRather than decreasing your maximum Arcane Power, Energy Armor increases it by 20 while it is active.
49Wave of Force.png Wave of Force: Exploding WaveEnemies hit have a 40% chance to cause a smaller Wave of Force that deals 100% weapon damage as Physical and knocks back enemies caught in its wake.
Arcane Torrent.png Arcane Torrent: Power StoneEvery missile hit has a 2% chance to leave behind a Power Stone that grants Arcane Power when picked up.
Ice Armor.png Ice Armor: Ice ReflectMelee attacks have a 25% chance to create a Frost Nova centered on the attacker, dealing 75% weapon damage as Cold.
50Explosive Blast.png Explosive Blast: ObliterateIncreases the explosion radius to 18 yards for 225% weapon damage as Physical.
Familiar.png Familiar: ArcanotWhile the Familiar is active, you regenerate 2 Arcane Power per second.
Critical Mass.png Critical MassCritical Hits have a chance to reduce the cooldown of your spells by 1 second.
51Frost Nova.png Frost Nova: Bone ChillEnemies take 15% more damage while frozen or chilled by Frost Nova.
Spectral Blade.png Spectral Blade: Healing BladesWhenever the blades do critical damage, you are healed for 8% of the damage done.
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image: Extension of WillThe duration of your Mirror Images is increased to 10 seconds and their Life is increased to 29% of your Life.
52Magic Missile.png Magic Missile: SeekerMissiles track the nearest enemy and their damage is increased to 121% weapon damage as Arcane.
Energy Twister.png Energy Twister: Storm ChaserThe following skills are Signature spells: Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Spectral Blade, Electrocute
Archon.png Archon: Slow TimeArchon form can cast Slow Time that lasts for 8 seconds.
53Ray of Frost.png Ray of Frost: Black IceEnemies killed with Ray of Frost leave behind a patch of ice that deals 193% weapon damage as Cold to enemies moving through it over 3 seconds.
Ice Armor.png Ice Armor: Frozen StormA whirling storm of ice builds around you that deals 30% weapon damage as Cold over 3 seconds after casting Ice Armor.
Slow Time.png Slow Time: Stretch TimeTime is sped up for any allies standing in the area, increasing their attack speed by 10%.
54Shock Pulse.png Shock Pulse: Living LightningConjure a being of lightning that drifts forward, electrocuting nearby enemies for 37% weapon damage as Lightning.
Blizzard.png Blizzard: Stark WinterIncreases the size of Blizzard to cover 22 yards, dealing 210% weapon damage as Cold over 6 seconds.
Energy Armor.png Energy Armor: Force ArmorWhile Energy Armor is active, incoming attacks that would deal more than 35% of your maximum Life are reduced to deal 35% of your maximum Life instead.
55Arcane Orb.png Arcane Orb: Celestial OrbThe orb will pierce through targets, damaging any enemy it passes through.
Magic Weapon.png Magic Weapon: Blood MagicAttacks recover 1.5% of damage caused as Life.
Arcane Dynamo.png Arcane DynamoWhen you deal damage with a Signature spell you may gain a Flash of Insight. After 5 Flashes of Insight, your next non-Signature spell deals 75% additional damage.
56Diamond Skin.png Diamond Skin: Diamond ShardsWhen Diamond Skin wears off, diamond shards explode in all directions dealing 155% weapon damage as Physical to nearby enemies.
Explosive Blast.png Explosive Blast: Chain ReactionA chain of 3 consecutive explosions cascade off you, each causing 97% weapon damage as Physical.
Hydra.png Hydra: Mammoth HydraSummon a Mammoth Hydra that breathes a river of flame at nearby enemies, dealing 22% weapon damage per second as Fire to enemies caught on the burning ground.
57Spectral Blade.png Spectral Blade: Thrown BladeExtends the reach of Spectral Blade to 20 yards.
Arcane Torrent.png Arcane Torrent: CascadeEnemies killed by Arcane Torrent have a 100% chance to fire a new missile at a nearby enemy dealing 175% weapon damage as Arcane.
Familiar.png Familiar: CannoneerThe Familiar's projectiles explode on impact, dealing 20% weapon damage as Arcane to all enemies within 6 yards.
58Storm Armor.png Storm Armor: Shocking AspectCritical Hits have a chance to electrocute a nearby enemy for 35% weapon damage as Lightning.
Meteor.png Meteor: LiquefyIf the initial impact of the Meteor causes a Critical Hit, the molten fire duration is increased to 8 seconds.
Mirror Image.png Mirror Image: Mirror MimicsSpells cast by your Mirror Images will do 10% of the damage of your own spells.
59Electrocute.png Electrocute: Arc LightningBlast a cone of lightning that causes 80% weapon damage as Lightning to all affected targets.
Disintegrate.png Disintegrate: IntensifyDamage increases slowly over time to inflict a maximum of 202% weapon damage as Arcane.
Teleport.png Teleport: CalamityCasts a low power Wave of Force upon arrival, dealing 75% weapon damage as Physical to all nearby enemies.
60Blizzard.png Blizzard: Unrelenting StormIncreases the duration of Blizzard to deal 280% weapon damage as Cold over 8 seconds.
Energy Armor.png Energy Armor: Prismatic ArmorIncreases all of your resistances by 40% while Energy Armor is active.
Archon.png Archon: Improved ArchonIncreases the damage of all Archon abilities by 25%.
Unstable Anomaly.png Unstable AnomalyWhen reduced below 20% Life, release a shockwave that knocks all enemies back. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.