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Conversation ID Conversation
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line1WitchDoc Listen to me, now. Your wife\'s spirit is gone.
Conv_A1C5RFarmerScavengerEpilogue2_Line3WitchDoc Ah, it pleases you to stay with her. So be it.
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue5_Line1WitchDoc Hmm... really?
Conv_BatesFarmEpilogue6_Line1WitchDoc You must stop this now.
Conv_Blacksmith_ApprenticeFound_Line0WitchDoc Your apprentice died his final death. I am sorry.
Conv_Blacksmith_CellarCallout_Line1WitchDoc They suffer, blacksmith. Aid us.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line12WitchDoc We all seek meaning in grief. Maybe we will find it together.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_2_Line7WitchDoc I have other news. Your apprentice died his final death. I am sorry.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line10WitchDoc Ah! This is the work of a master.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line12WitchDoc We all seek meaning in grief. Maybe we will find it together.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line1WitchDoc Men with good intentions destroyed this crown. Please, repair it for me.
Conv_Blacksmith_Crafting_Line7WitchDoc I have other news. Your apprentice died his final death. I am sorry.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line0WitchDoc I see the villagers weeping for their dead. You do not. How is it that you alone know of the Unformed Land?
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line2WitchDoc Ah. You bury your tears. Hear me when I tell you that I understand.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line3WitchDoc The spirits, they whispered and sang to me until my tears dried. They sing to me still, and I smile to hear my sister among them.
Conv_Blacksmith_DeadWife_Line4WitchDoc Long ago, before I became a warrior, my little sister died of a terrible illness. I did not sleep for long days. I did not eat.
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line0WitchDoc I wish to hear more of your grandfather. He served King Leoric?
Conv_Blacksmith_Family_Line4WitchDoc It takes strength to stand against the dark. Thank you for your grandfather\'s sacrifice.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line0WitchDoc You spoke of your father before. I would like to hear of him.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father_Line5WitchDoc Did it?
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line1WitchDoc Anyone can see that it pulls at you.
Conv_Blacksmith_Father2_Line6WitchDoc Why did these men kill him? Did they believe your father a traitor as well?
Conv_Blacksmith_Protector_Line11WitchDoc What do you mean?
Conv_Blacksmith_RescueCain_Line11WitchDoc He is alive--and I will rescue him.
Conv_Blacksmith_ThankYou_New_Line0WitchDoc I need your assistance, Haedrig. I search for the crown of Leoric.
Conv_Blacksmith_TristramBeforeQuest_Line1WitchDoc Are you troubled?
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line3WitchDoc Leoric\'s madness was caused by Diablo?
Conv_Cain_AboutSkeletonKing_Line4WitchDoc After Leoric was the Skeleton King? What then?
Conv_Cain_AboutWorldstoneDestruction_Line5WitchDoc The spirits speak of the land splitting apart.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_Line3WitchDoc Leoric should be in the Unformed Land, yet he stands between me and the fallen star.
Conv_Cain_CrownIntro_New_Line3WitchDoc Leoric should be in the Unformed Land, yet he stands between me and the fallen star.
Conv_Cain_IdentifyItem_Line6WitchDoc How did you learn to identify items?
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line0WitchDoc The crown is in my keeping. Direct me now to the lost king.
Conv_Cain_SkeletonKingQuest_Intro_Line5WitchDoc The Skeleton King\'s sickness infects this land. I will put an end to it and find the star.
Conv_Cain_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1WitchDoc You can not believe this.
Conv_Cain_UndeadBashing_Line4WitchDoc Cain! I will aid you!
Conv_CainAboutLeah_1_Line1WitchDoc The bond between you and Leah is strong.
Conv_CainAboutLeah_2_Line4WitchDoc I heard that you took Leah on your searches for ancient artifacts and tomes. Wasn\'t that dangerous?
Conv_Crown_Lore_Line0WitchDoc Now that the Skeleton King has been vanquished, his crown must not be found by those who would use it for their unholy, sorcerous ends.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line0WitchDoc The crown is not here. I will seek it in another crypt.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False1_Line2WitchDoc You never say that.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_False2_Line0WitchDoc The crown will not be found in this crypt, I think.
Conv_DefiledCrypts_TheRightOne_Line0WitchDoc The bones beneath this tomb scream of madness and betrayal. The crown is near.
Conv_DyingGuy_GameIntro_Line1WitchDoc Rest easy, friend.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Line0WitchDoc This gravesoil is disturbed.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Mid_Line0WitchDoc Their spirits are bound to these corpses. This is not just.
Conv_Event_A1_Wilderness_MultiCoffin_PlayerCallout_Outro_Line0WitchDoc I have freed their spirits.
Conv_Event_A1OldTristram_ZombieTree_PlayerCallout_Line0WitchDoc Another lost...
Conv_Event_FamilyThatBurrows_Line0WitchDoc These wounds are fresh. The creatures who made them are near.
Conv_Event_FoundApprentice_Line0WitchDoc This apprentice\'s spirit dwells within the Unformed Land now. Haedrig Eamon should be told.
Conv_Event_GameHunters_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0WitchDoc Their hunger blinded them.
Conv_Event_House1000Undead_End_Line0WitchDoc They have gone together to the Unformed Land.
Conv_Event_OldTristCellar_QuillDemonChase_PlayerCallout1_Line0WitchDoc The chest is empty. Did the creatures take the treasure?
Conv_Event_OldTristram_BlackMushroom_Line0WitchDoc These mushrooms are very large.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_PlayerCalloutOutro_Line0WitchDoc The darkness sensed his hunger and devoured him in turn.
Conv_Event_SpiritJourney_ShamanChant_Line1WitchDoc Darkness swirls around their deeds.
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_InsideSkellieGreet_Line2WitchDoc My spirit is stronger than your curse.
Conv_Event_Tower_Of_Power_SkellieIntro2_Line1WitchDoc That will not happen.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line6WitchDoc I am sorry.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_FailQuest_Line8WitchDoc The final death has come for your brother. Know that his murderers suffered for their crimes.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_QuestInfo_Line8WitchDoc Their darkness grows. I will deal with them.
Conv_Event_VendorRescue_Vendor_StartQuest_Line10WitchDoc I will help you find him.
Conv_FarmAmbushFlyerFarmer_Greet_Line1WitchDoc It is not safe for you here.
Conv_FerrymanPort_To_Wertham_Line1WitchDoc I need to go across the water. To Wortham.
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_End_Player_Line0WitchDoc These spirits are insane. They will fight this battle forever.
Conv_FesteringWoods_Ambush_PlayerEntersArea_Line0WitchDoc The spirits of dead warriors linger here.
Conv_FesteringWoods_exNeph03_Line2WitchDoc They are lost in the past.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_01_Line67WitchDoc Focus is good, but do not let it narrow you.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_02_Line69WitchDoc Time will tell all.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_03_Line67WitchDoc Fear is a part of life. If you live, you fear.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_04_Line61WitchDoc Good and evil deeds are performed under the sun as well.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_05_Line0WitchDoc Your spear is finely made.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_06_Line0WitchDoc Your faith is strong.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_07_Line1WitchDoc Why is that?
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_08_Line1WitchDoc They are banished.
Conv_Fol_Player_TP_Wrld_09_Line1WitchDoc Maybe he\'s in love?
Conv_Fol_SC_VendorBrotherWon_Line1WitchDoc Why do you say that?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral1_Line1WitchDoc Some of their spirits are still trapped here.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line0WitchDoc What troubles you, templar?
Conv_Fol_TP_Cathedral2_Line2WitchDoc We will purify it.
Conv_Fol_TP_CathedralRoad_Line1WitchDoc They are lost.
Conv_Fol_TP_Cemetery_Line3WitchDoc That is great praise, though I am more proud to call you friend.
Conv_Fol_TP_Crypts1_Line1WitchDoc Mbwiru Eikura? It is the true realm where the ancestors await us.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods_Line0WitchDoc I hope these spirits do not trouble you.
Conv_Fol_TP_FesteringWoods2_Line1WitchDoc No. Their torment should end. It should end now.
Conv_Fol_TP_HallsofAgony4_Line1WitchDoc There is no reason to fear death.
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line0WitchDoc Did you have many friends at the order?
Conv_Fol_TP_WeepingHollow1_Line2WitchDoc Ah, so no friends, then. But you have one now!
Conv_Guard_About_LeahAndCain_Line1WitchDoc What do you know of Leah and her uncle?
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line0WitchDoc Sorry.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line1WitchDoc I am sorry.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line2WitchDoc My mistake.
Conv_Hero_Apologize_Line4WitchDoc That is my fault.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line0WitchDoc Help me!
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line1WitchDoc I need help.
Conv_Hero_Beseech_Line2WitchDoc This is not good.
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line0WitchDoc The spirits aid me!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line1WitchDoc Your evil undoes you!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line2WitchDoc My strike is true!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line3WitchDoc I strike at your heart!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line4WitchDoc Your death comes!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line5WitchDoc You die!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line6WitchDoc A perfect strike!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line7WitchDoc My curse upon you!
Conv_Hero_CriticalHit_Line8WitchDoc The truth burns you!
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line0WitchDoc Farewell.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line1WitchDoc Go in peace.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line2WitchDoc Spirits aid you.
Conv_Hero_Depart_Line4WitchDoc I go now.
Conv_Hero_Go_Line0WitchDoc We must go!
Conv_Hero_Go_Line2WitchDoc It is time.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line0WitchDoc I am healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line1WitchDoc Healed.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line2WitchDoc Health returns to me.
Conv_Hero_Healed_Line4WitchDoc I have been healed.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line0WitchDoc I can meditate on nothing for hours.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line1WitchDoc Boredom does not exist for me.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line2WitchDoc Time is passing.
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line3WitchDoc Am I to stand here forever?
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line4WitchDoc Would anyone notice if I wandered off?
Conv_Hero_Idle_Line5WitchDoc There is no hurry. Obviously.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line0WitchDoc Follow!
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line1WitchDoc Be my shadow.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line2WitchDoc Over here.
Conv_Hero_Lead_Line4WitchDoc Stay with me.
Conv_Hero_Leah_01_Line161WitchDoc Was it different then?
Conv_Hero_Leah_02_Line161WitchDoc Why?
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line161WitchDoc That would fit you.
Conv_Hero_Leah_03_Line200WitchDoc You do me a great honor.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line161WitchDoc Tell me about this inn you want to open.
Conv_Hero_Leah_04_Line200WitchDoc You wish to ease the burdens of strangers.
Conv_Hero_Leah_05_Line1WitchDoc People will do anything for power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line0WitchDoc I have leveled up.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line1WitchDoc I\'ve gained a level.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line2WitchDoc The spirits grant me blessings.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line3WitchDoc I overflow with blessings.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line4WitchDoc My spirit grows vast.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line5WitchDoc I grow in power.
Conv_Hero_LevelUp_Line6WitchDoc My power grows vast.
Conv_Hero_No_Line0WitchDoc No.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line0WitchDoc Take this.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line1WitchDoc This is for you.
Conv_Hero_Offer_Line2WitchDoc This will be yours.
Conv_Hero_PvP_Attack_Line0WitchDoc Attack!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Hold_Line0WitchDoc Hold this point!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Objective_Line0WitchDoc Take the objective!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Retreat_Line0WitchDoc Retreat!
Conv_Hero_PvP_Stay_Line0WitchDoc Stay here.
Conv_Hero_Run_Line0WitchDoc Run!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line1WitchDoc Leave now!
Conv_Hero_Run_Line2WitchDoc Get going!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line0WitchDoc Spirits take you.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line10WitchDoc I will kill you.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line1WitchDoc To the Unformed Land with you!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line2WitchDoc Your death is here.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line3WitchDoc Too easy!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line4WitchDoc This will hurt.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line5WitchDoc You will die!
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line6WitchDoc Your time is short.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line7WitchDoc You bring this on yourself.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line8WitchDoc I will make your death quick.
Conv_Hero_Taunt_Line9WitchDoc You will suffer.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line0WitchDoc Thanks.
Conv_Hero_Thanks_Line1WitchDoc Thank you.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line0WitchDoc Wait.
Conv_Hero_Wait_Line2WitchDoc A moment.
Conv_Hero_Yes_Line0WitchDoc Yes.
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line1WitchDoc What you do does not define you. Where do you come from?
Conv_Jeweler_TellMeAboutYourself_Line3WitchDoc I notice that you still tell me nothing of yourself.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line1WitchDoc That was not a fair bargain.
Conv_Jeweler_ThatJewel_Line3WitchDoc I see you are happy. Your smile could eat the world.
Conv_Karyna_AboutMystic_Line1WitchDoc Myriam?
Conv_Leah_AboutAdria_Line5WitchDoc Do you have knowledge of your mother?
Conv_Leah_AdriasCellar_New_Line1WitchDoc I will find Deckard Cain. Stay here and study your mother's secrets. We may have need of them.
Conv_Leah_AdriasDeath_Line1WitchDoc How did Adria pass to the Unformed Land?
Conv_Leah_AfterKilling_Line1WitchDoc There is a deep sickness here, but it can be healed.
Conv_Leah_BarIntro_Line0WitchDoc You are Leah. The captain says you survived the fallen star.
Conv_Leah_CainRescueIntro_New_Line1WitchDoc Come, let us search for your uncle.
Conv_Leah_OnWayToAdrias_Line1WitchDoc Did you know your father?
Conv_Leah_TellMeAboutYourself_Line4WitchDoc What does your uncle seek?
Conv_LeahCainReturns_New_Line21WitchDoc I seek your wisdom. Tell me of the fallen star.
Conv_Mystic_BlacksmithQuest_Line1WitchDoc Must you always speak in riddles?
Conv_Mystic_InTristram02_Line3WitchDoc Will it try to steal my voice?
Conv_Mystic_Protector_Line1WitchDoc And where would I be without your guidance?