White (Diablo II Rune Word)

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2 Socket Wands
Dol •  Io
Level Requirement: 35

Hit Causes Monster to Flee 25%
+10 to Vitality
+3 to Poison and Bone Spells (Necromancer Only)
+3 to Bone Armor (Necromancer Only)
+2 to Bone Spear (Necromancer Only)
+4 to Skeleton Mastery (Necromancer Only)
Magic Damage Reduced by 4
20% Faster Cast Rate
+13 to Mana

White can be a very potent Runeword for Bonemancers if it is created in a wand with bonuses to useful skills for the build, as these bonuses will be retained on the wand when the Runeword is completed.