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Waystruck is a small town between Tristram and the Rogue Monastery. The town has little more than several houses clustered around a well, a shrine, a smithy and an inn.


The Path East

Andariel tasked the Slayer, an overlord who vowed to take the Butcher's place by retrieving the Butcher's Cleaver, with guarding the path from Waystruck to the Rogue Monastery. To that end the Slayer employed several tribes of Fallen Ones to both harrass the town and do the legwork in his search for the Cleaver. In the end, it was several heroes heading for the Rogue Monastery that found the Cleaver and confronted the Slayer, destroying him before moving on to assist the Rogues in dealing with the Lady of Anguish herself.


While not included in the core Diablo series of games, Waystruck did appear in a published and licensed Diablo product: the D&D "Diablo Fast-Play" boxed set. Waystruck was the town the heroes operated out of in their quest against the Slayer. Therefore the town is probably not canon, but is worth noting anyway.