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A Waypoint is an ancient Horadrim teleportation device, left over from when the order was still active. The main purpose of a waypoint is to provide fast travel between areas that a player has discovered.

Diablo III

A waypoint in Diablo III

Waypoints in Diablo III serve a similar function as they did in Diablo II, allowing players to travel instantly to previously visited areas.

There is some difference between playing Campaign and Adventure Mode. In Adventure Mode all Waypoints are open and the placement is different in some places.

  • Only in Campaign †
  • Only in Adventure ‡
Act I Act II Act III Act IV Act V


The Cathedral

The Cemetery

The Fields

The Highlands

The Halls of Agony


Stinging Winds

Dahlgur Oasis


Desolate Sands

Archives of Zoltun Kulle

Bastion's Keep

Depths of the Keep

Fields of Slaughter

Arreat Crater

The Ruins of Sescheron

Bastion's Keep

Gardens of Hope

Silver Spire


Blood March


Greyhollow Island


In some areas the Waypoint have a different name but are in the same place.

Diablo II

Each Act in Diablo II has a number of waypoints throughout it which can be activated upon their discovery. An activated waypoint allows a player to warp from one waypoint to another. They are most commonly used to return to the most recently unlocked area to continue the game, though they are also used to return to previously visited areas to gain items and experience.

The look of each waypoint changes in different areas (eg: it appears as a symbol carved in rock in the moors of Act I, but is an intricate design with seven symbols in the Arcane Sanctuary). Each act has exactly nine waypoints, with the exception of Act IV, which due to its shorter length has three.

The locations of most waypoints are random, but there are some that always appear in the same place.

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V