Vendel the Armorsmith

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Vendel the Armorsmith

Vendel the Armorsmith is an NPC questgiver that has a chance to spawn in the Watch Tower specifically at the very beginning of the Watch Tower Level 2. At the end of his quest the lore book Scabbard of Talic the Defender drops.

Vendel the Armorsmith

Additional Information

The best way to farm for this vendor is to start the quest Trailing the Covern, subquest Khazra Barricade. Use the waypoint to Highlands Crossing and look for Karyna's Lost Wagon, this will give you a checkpoint. Karyna's Lost Wagon has a 66% chance to spawn close to the Watch Tower.

You will find the Watch Tower to the far left of the Southern Highlands and you will find Vendel the Armorsmith as soon as you reach Level 2 of the Watch Tower. If he isn’t there, reload the game. You should be able to use your Town Portal to go to the checkpoint at Karyna’s Lost Wagon and you should have a yellow arrow on your minimap telling you which direction the Barricade is. If the arrow is pointing to the far left of your map, reload the game as you are at the furthest spawn point for Karyna’s Lost Wagon to the Watch Tower. The close spawn points have the yellow arrow pointing north-east or east.