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The World of Sanctuary

The Horadrim

Tyrael learns of the Three's exile into Sanctuary and mobilizes to stop them. He creates the Horadrim, a collection of the most powerful human Magi, including Jered Cain, Deckard Cain, and Tal Rasha as its leader. Tyrael charges the Horadrim with the capture of the Three Prime Evils, giving them Soulstones to imprison the soul of Diablo and his brothers. One by one they find and imprison the Primes. Unable to permanently destroy the demons, the Horadrim are forced to instead hide the Soulstones. Their locations are as follows...

  • Baal’s Soulstone was imprisoned inside a huge tomb constructed with a single purpose: keep him in and others out. Tal Rasha, knowing that the final shard of Baal's broken Soulstone was not great enough to contain the Prime Evil, chose to use his own body as a prison for the Prime. Lodging it into his chest and binding himself to a pillar, Tal Rasha remained in the tomb for centuries, containing the Evil within.
  • Mephisto’s Soulstone was sealed inside a temple in Kurast. The Zakarum monks were tasked with its protection (ultimately, however, the Soulstone corrupted the monks and Mephisto took a host).
  • Diablo’s Soulstone was hidden beneath a deserted Cathedral.

Now the Soulstones wait, silently calling to those who might venture near...