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List template

I see you've already gotten the grasp of how wiki tables work, that's good :)

I don't think including the headers in the table is necessarily a good decision however, it's not anything that's used anywhere else on the wiki so it goes against the general design of it. But if it's something you think should be changed I urge you to start a discussion about it on the community portal. --PhrozenDragon 23:23, 5 January 2012 (UTC)

Ah but it is used in existing pages even if not directly such as Portal:Classes the times it isn't used when it could be is usually when there are no sub headings to go under the big heading of what the list is about such as Weapons and any of its sub-categories but if you do smaller headings (another tier in) it makes the table look funny and doesn't make the entirety of the table as smooth looking (personal opinion). However I do not know of how this effects the performance of the pages themselves having to load and run many tables on one page versus only one table.. but with just one table no sub-categorization is possible. Ebonmourn 03:14, 6 January 2012 (UTC)

Content of the list

I'll be referencing Blizzards own site for a lot of this as I don't know where the data-mined info is.

  • Topic One: The Naming of the Formulas
    • Why are there formulas for 'Ranged Weapons' when on Blizzard's site it is just called 'Bow Weapons'?
      • Now as far as I know the only ranged weapon in the game is Bows.... so may or may not be relevant.
    • Same as above one this time with the '1H Weapons and '2H Weapons' Blizzard uses '1H Melee Weapon' and '2H Melee Weapon'.

  • Topic Two: Missing Formulas on the list
    • Should all formulas from Blizzards site be pulled and implementing into the list and their data name space?
    • What should be done about the formulas under Category:Diablo III Mystic Formulas that do not exist on Blizzards list of formula's? Ebonmourn 02:20, 6 January 2012 (UTC)