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have you gotten permission from the previous owner of that guide to redo it?


Honestly I thought the same thing as first, but Desmondtiny had written one paragraph saying what skills to max. In my book, that doesn't qualify as a guide, so it's fine of you to remake it.
Other than that, you seem to have a solid grip on how to use wiki tables and templates. One thing to remember however is that we employ a suffix method to naming articles here. Since we have articles not only about D2, but for mods about D2 as well as D3 and D1, we need to separate these from each other. Many of them however share concepts and items between each other. Therefore, basically all articles that deal with Diablo II should have (Diablo II) after the article name, as would Diablo I articles have (Diablo I) after them.
Other than that, enjoy your stay --PhrozenDragon 19:41, 12 August 2010 (UTC)


I haven't gotten permission from DesmondTiny. I have included information given in his paragraph, so I thought I could redo it altogether. Should I quote his paragraph back into the article? -Bahamute

No I don't think that'll be needed, keep it as it is. --PhrozenDragon 10:44, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

Hey, just wanted to drop in and say that we're appreciating your work on the wiki; you've been making some nice edits. I did, however, want to give you a heads-up on the super unique pages. As you're probably aware, we're in the process of redoing all the monster pages with our new template, and the super uniques are no exception. In fact, we've already got them all drawn up with the new templates here, I'm just waiting for Phrozen to fill the missing info in from the files before putting it on a page. Once that happens, we'll just be redirecting all the pages to that one page, since all the relevant info will be present there. Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads-up on that so you don't spend a whole bunch of time making pages that will be redirects in the near future. If you still feel like making them though, you're more than welcome to continue. Thanks, Kickin.

Now hold on here, I didn't actually consider that we'd place all super uniques on one page, I figured we should have kept them each on a separate page. I can see the advantage of combining them.
In either case though, all the superuniques will require a lot more than just a few sentences of text. Some things to keep in mind when editing a wiki Bahamute is that we always want to create easy links between articles. For example, if you check out any item page, you'll see that is has a navbox at the very bottom with links to similar articles (like on wikipedia). Same thing goes for super uniques, as there is a navbox for that. Finding all of these templates can sometimes be hard, so to find them, click on Categories to the left under Extras, and then to Organization.. From there, you can navigate on to all templates used in the wiki.
And do keep in mind the affixes on articles. Bonebreaker is supposed to be located at Bonebreaker (Diablo II), as are all superuniques. I understand it can be a little confusing seeing as a lot of super uniques are not named as such right now, but that's mainly because I just haven't gotten around to doing it. And now that Kickin mentions it, we might have compile them all on one page.
If you want to, you can definitely start filling out the monster info in Kickin's sandbox. You can also use the forum if you want to participate in discussions about template design etc. --PhrozenDragon 20:00, 15 August 2010 (UTC)

Super Uniques

If you want to make super unique pages, follow these steps. No game file poking is needed I've realized (which means you might be able to do this as well Kickin ;) ).

Take a look at this page. That page contains all the super uniques except for act bosses and Ubers. What we're going to do with them is the following:

  • Fill out health, resistances, drain effectiveness and levels.
    • Health: Same as the base monster, except a multiplier is added depending on difficulty: x4 for normal, x3 for nightmare, and x2 for hell.
    • Resistances: These are the same as the base monster. If the super unique has something like Fire Enchanted, add the extra resistances into the table. A list of those can be found here.
    • Drain Effectiveness: Same as base monster.
    • Level: Same as base monster +3.

Whenever I say base monster, you can check the monster page we have in the wiki for the correct info.

After all of those templates have been filled out, they shall all be moved to Super Unique Monsters (Diablo II). There they should be listed by act.

Have fun :D --PhrozenDragon 12:01, 24 August 2010 (UTC)

Well, I know it's supposed to work like that in theory, but take Bone Ash, for example. He's Cold Enchanted and Magic Resistant. According to our pages, that should add 75 and 40 Cold Resistance, respectively. That would make him Cold Immune even on Normal difficulty, which isn't the case. Health, DE, and Level I think should be accurate, but I'm not sure about Resistances.

Bone Ash is immune to cold at Normal difficulty. I'll try to fill the page. - Baha

So he is. Well...I'm dumb.
No you're not. I didn't notice either, just paid him a visit at the cathedral.
Yeah, same here. Which I've actually been meaning to do for a while to check this. But I leaped before I looked. ;) It just seems weird that there'd be an immune monster like that so early in the game.
Awesome to hear. If you need any help, hrow a message on some talk page:here, your, the sandbox, and we'll find it :). Also, don't remember to click on the signature icon at the top of the edit window when you're done leaving a comment so everyone knows who wrote what. It's to the second button from the right. And that goes for both of you. --PhrozenDragon 11:36, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

Are we going to delete everything on the super unique pages? I'd be against that. For example, there are probably more to say about Bishibosh than his stats. The Countess as well, nothing in her stats indicates that she drops Terror Keys and Runes. When people come to the wiki and look those up, I think they would be happy to read a few things other than just stats, it would be... impersonal just to put the monster stats, it's like looking up an airplane in wikipedia and only see the specs. --Bahamute 16:13, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

Actually, the plan wasn't to have one composite page to begin with, and we haven't made a final decision on it.
In any case, some monsters definitely deserve articles on their own. Act bosses, Izual, Countess, Summoner etc. But at the same time, there are some superuniques which there really isn't much more to say about beyond their stats: Corpsefire, Coldcrow, Dark Elder, Fire Eye and similar.
Perhaps the optimal solution is to do as follows:
  • Separate unique pages for the interesting super uniques
  • One big page with all superuniques, including the previous ones. Redirects from unimportant monsters like Dark Elder go link directly here.
Or I guess we could just do both: unique pages and a list. We're not exactly losing anything by doing that. --PhrozenDragon 18:39, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

I definitely think that any super unique that doesn't bear special mention for any reason (i.e. those listed above) should just be redirected to the composite page. I mean...I know there are still new people playing D2 for the first time, but they're few and far between; when someone looks up Corpsefire, it's almost a certainty that they already know he's involved with the Den of Evil quest, he's a zombie, etc. Anyone who's looking him up is just going to want to know specifics: health, presets, resistances, etc, and not want to have to pore over a bunch of text to find that stuff out. While it's true that we wont be losing anything by having individual pages for all SU's, we don't really gain anything either (besides content pages ;)), and I think it's more user friendly for the most part to have all the info available in one place.--Kickin It 23:34, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

I don't know if it's right for me to say this, but has all SU stats, you may just want to copy from them. Their site is downed frequently though. I won't be very active from now on.--Bahamute 15:32, 30 August 2010 (UTC)