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27th October

26th October

  • Modding Ain't Dead: The structure of Diablo III is easy to mod, but it still seems impossible to do.
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Reign of the Black King.png

In the quest Reign of the Black King, players face their first boss encounter of Diablo III and are introduced to their first follower. This quest returns players back to the Cathedral depths and ultimately into the Royal Crypts where the Skeleton King rests.

The quests is the fourth of the main quest line and the last quest available to players in the Diablo III Beta. It is started by Deckard Cain upon returning King Leoric's crown to him.

The quest allows the player to progress further down into the Cathedral past Leoric's Passage. Upon entering level 3, the player encounters the Templar, the first follower in the game, who is being held captive by a group of Dark Cultists. Upon rescue, the Templar offers to help the player in his mission if the Templar receives aid in hunting down Jondar, a corrupt member of his order.

On the fourth level of the Cathedral, the player faces an optional encounter against four Activated Pillars which continually spawn undead. Past the pillars await the Skeleton King and the first boss fight of the game. The death of the Skeleton King completes the quest and ends the Beta, awarding the player with 5,250 XP and 840 Gold.png.

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29th October

  • Diablo has received a major overhaul and expansion of his page.

28th October

  • Aidan, also known as the Dark Wanderer and the hero from Diablo I, has been added to the wiki.

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