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The Following tables contain information about unique items that can be found in the game. Single player unique quest rewards are not included.


Strength line (crossbows)

Item Name Level Notable Features
Dragonwing high An extremely light weapon that nevertheless packs quite a punch.
Infernal Scourger high A hellforged crossbow that shoots balls of fire instead of quarrels, though the risk of setting oneself on fire is always present.
The Redeemer high A crossbow that contains defensive affixes besides dealing solid damage.

Dexterity line (bows)

Item Name Level Notable Features
Deadly Hunter low An extremely light bow that also makes the wearer very thin and nimble.
Fire Screamer low A bow that rains fireballs upon ones enemies, it also provides resistance from fire and absorbs some ranged attacks. However, there some peculiarities such as the user is a little more receptive to damage and there is no base damage.
Nail Feeder low A bow that fires three arrows at a time, it provides knockback on hit, and it has a decent base damage. However, the user suffers some penalties to defence and damage output.
Flamedart low-medium A flame-themed bow with bonus damage and resistance.
Gnat Sting low-medium A fast attacking bow with a small increase in base and knockback. However, the user suffers penalty on armour class.
The Harp low-medium A very powerful yet fragile bow that severely limits spellcasting.
The Rift Bow low-medium A bow that provides some illumination, fires arrows at variable speeds and has a small chance to pierce through armour. However, the accuracy of the bow suffers a little bit.
Widowmaker low-medium Quick bow that gives a small bonus to mana.
Chillshank medium A thundering bow capable of knocking back enemies.
Diamondyne medium This bow provides small defenses but focuses mainly on damage dealing.
Eaglehorn medium A solid bow that can knock back enemies and cause critical damage.
Fleshstinger medium Affixes focused solely on damage dealing.
Fulminator medium A unique bow that only deals lightning damage.
Obliterator medium Designed mainly for damage dealing, it also boosts resistances slightly.
The Blackoak Bow medium-high Assorted offensive affixes and stats bonuses.
Celestial Bow high Exceptional bow that can also deal significant amounts of lightning damage without sacrificing protection.
Riphook high A unique weapon of extremely poor design. It severely limits the wielder's movements but can deal huge amounts of damage.
The Incinerator high A weapon with powerful offensive affixes.
Windforce high This legendary bow hides the power of a thunderstorm within.


Strength line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Doomspike low A chaotic weapon that pierces through enemy armor.
Wizardspike low-medium Improves magic ability and defenses.
Black Defender medium A unique defensive weapon that fulfills the role of a shield.
Bloodsucker medium Life-stealing-themed sword.
Dark Prophet medium An enchanted blade that gives a bonus to magic in addition to having high offensive capabilities.
Gorewhipper medium-high Its excellent offensive affixes are balanced by a significant penalty to magic.
The Executioner's Blade medium-high This is a powerful weapon that has exceptional offensive abilities. However, its wearer becomes more vulnerable to damage.
Blazing Wrath high Exceptional demon-slaying sword with powerful offensive affixes.
Celestial Justice high This great blade grants additional mana on top of its offensive capabilities.
Immortal King high A very reliable blade that also protects its wielder.

Dexterity line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Black Razor low A serrated blade capable of inflicting grievous wounds.
Mindpiercer low This quick sword comes with a few defensive affixes.
Red Rondel low A vampiric blade that grants the user vitality.
Soulflayer low-medium A vampiric weapon with a fast attack.
Ajimanta's Edge medium A fast weapon that grants great lightning resistance.
The Carver medium A strong sword with a small armor piercing effect.
The Chameleon medium The weird powers within this sword cause extra damage to demons and leech mana from creatures it strikes.
Bul-Kathos' Child medium-high Runes adorn this weapon, empowering it to deal great damage and shield against magical attacks.
The Backstabber medium-high A dagger that carries a dark curse, it deals exceptional damage.
Gotterzorn high This blade had a mind of its own, swooping down to parry attacks whenever its wielder is threatened. Its unusually keen edge is extremely effective against the various horrors of the labyrinth.
Shirotachi high A powerful assassin blade that also increases spell levels and grants extra protection.

Combo line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Diamond Blade medium A weapon designed for killing demons. However, it makes its wearer susceptible to lightning attacks.
Shadow Prince medium-high Covered in darkness, this weapon weakens its wearer, making them more vulnerable to all kinds of physical and magical attacks.


Strength line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Gnarled Root all A chaotic mace that causes its wielder to lose all health regeneration.
Krondor's Cudgel all A strong, reliable weapon that causes extra damage to demons.
Bloodrise low A strong low level club witht the potential to deal great damage.
Civerb's Club low Simple and effective, designed for maximum impact.
Bonespan low-medium An enormous weapon. Unfortunately, its poor design will cause it to break down with repeated use.
Crackrust low-medium Provides several useful affixes, both defensive and offensive. Beware the -1 to spell levels, however.
Xilan's Barb low-medium This highly durable weapon provides illumination, the ability to greatly steal life, and has a unusually high base damage. However, this weapon has no variable damage.
Scepter of Engart medium-high A flaming scepter that provides solid offensive abilities and a small bonus to armor class.
Baranar's Maul high An extremely damaging weapon, it requires an abnormally high level of strength to wield.
Thunderclap high This electrically charged weapon causes enemies to take damage when they strike the wielder.

Dexterity line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Dreamflange low A scepter that improves spellcasting ability and grants high resistance against pure magic attacks.
Lightforge low This ancient scepter provides a decent damage bonus and boosts attributes.
Zakarum's Hand low Notable for its damage bonus against undead monsters.
Royal Striker medium A quick, unusually powerful weapon designed to slay undead.
The Cranium Basher medium A chaotic weapon that severely inhibits spellcasting power, it is especially useful against undead monsters.
Bone Hunter high A weapon designed to give excellent combat ability against the undead. It also comes with a mild penalty to magic.


Strength line

Item Name Level Notable Features
The Mangler low Gives a large damage bonus but weakens the wielder's spirit.
Wicked Axe low Boosts the wielder's agility and protects against attacks.
Axe of Fechmar low-medium A large axe equally suitable for slashing or crushing enemies.
Belphegor's Ravager low-medium A fragile weapon that deals bonus lightning damage.
Bhaltavir's Decapitator medium Evil spirits empower the wielder of this axe, giving extra defense and causing their attacks to leech the life of their opponents.
Brainhew medium The curious design of this weapon makes it prone to breaking, but it also inflicts nasty wounds.
Rakescar medium Boosts the wearer's health both passively and through attacks.
Spectral Slasher medium Contains offensive affixes and deals bonus damage to demons.
Berserker's Rage medium-high Causes the wearer to go on a mindless rampage. Deals tremendous damage but leaves the wearer extremely vulnerable to harm.
Celestial Axe medium-high Crackling bolts play across its blade, protecting against attacks and imbuing the wielder with great swiftness.
Death Cleaver medium-high An unattractive weapon designed for efficient killing.
Voidslasher medium-high Unstable energies in this weapon greatly increase its impact on enemies, and also protect against magical attacks.
Empyrean Axe medium-high A fiery undead-slaying axe with a life-stealing attack.
Hellslayer medium-high An aptly-named weapon that provides exceptional offensive affixes and protection against ranged attacks.
Hexen medium-high A cursed axe that has life-stealing properties and boosts the wielder's mana pool.
Messerschmidt's Reaver medium-high Holy fire will burn those struck by this great axe.
Stigmatizer high An enormous axe that also deals bonus damage against demons.
The Butcher's Cleaver high The fabled weapon of the demonic Butcher, it is stained with the blood of countless innocents.


Magic line (wands)

Item Name Level Notable Features
Bloodscourge high A Fire Blast wand that also offers great protection against fire.
Dragonfire high An Inferno wand with a large number of charges, it also strengthens spellcasting significantly.
Gravenspine high Extremely durable Holy Bolt wand, designed for combating undead monsters.
Joker's Beak high Potentially an extraordinary weapon for mages, its magic penalty can sometimes outweigh the positive affixes.
Lich Wand high Stone Curse wand, it protects almost completely against magic, but makes the wielder quite vulnerable to fire.
Mindcry high Apocalypse wand, its power comes with a very high cost.
The Joker high A twisted wand that contains the essence of chaos.

Dexterity line (staves)

Item Name Level Notable Features
Ambidexter low A low-level staff with a dexterity bonus.
Naj's Staff low Greatly boosts spellcasting but lowers strength.
Night Scorpion low Tailored for monks, it offers both offensive affixes and damage absorbtion.
Recluse Warrior low Contains good offensive and defensive affixes, with a penalty to magic.
Staff of Meditation low A staff with useful properties for low level mages, it also has a large number of Mana charges.
Maelstrom low-medium Tailored for monks, it provides great offensive capabilities such as good base damage, knock back, chance to do higher damage, and quick attack. However, the staff has some accuracy issues.
Aguinara's Vengeance medium Demon-slaying staff with a few affixes that help the wielder survive longer.
Banemaster medium Spellcasting affixes with a good boost to resistances.
Heart Seeker medium Good weapon for monks, but it comes with a small mana penalty
Starbeamer medium Holds Arcane Star charges, and is notable for its high magic resist value.
Stormchaser medium A thundering staff designed for damage dealing.
The Protector medium Provides a multitude of defensive affixes.
Angelwrath high Great casting staff that also provides armor. Has a severe dexterity penalty however.
Chaos Bringer high A staff designed for killing demons quickly and effectively.
Griswold's Tool high Knocks target back.
Dreamlyre high Exceptional staff that boasts demon-slaying properties and also increases block speed.

Vitality line (staves)

Item Name Level Notable Features
Eclipse low This low level staff provides provides adequite bonuses in attack speed, damage, and accuracy. However, the user suffers some penalties in magic, lumination, and to armour class.


Strength line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Fool's Luck low Provides exceptional resistance against magical attacks, however the wearer's defenses will be crippled considerably.
Harlequin Crest low The silly design makes the wearer easier to hit, but being in a happy mood improves some attributes.
Mask of Palantir low A caster helmet that heightens the wearer's senses and requires no strength no wear.
Peasant Cap low A low level cap that offers a small amount of attributes to stats, health, mana, and damage from enemies.
Sallet of Xentur low A defensive helmet that allows the wearer to manipulate mana better.
Gotterdamerung medium A legendary helmet that protects its wielder from spell and blade alike.
Lorus' Honor medium Protects against magical and physical attacks but the wearer forgets how to best cast their spells.
Pride of the Ancients medium This helmet provides life stealing in addition to its defensive affixes.
Baldur's Bane high Notable for its magic resistance value and armor bonus against the undead. Requires a high level of strength to wear.
Berserker's Rust high Induces bloodlust, making it harder for the wearer to defend themselves, but increases offensive capability.
Deathgaze high Offers exceptional fire resistance in exchange for magic resistance.
Eyeless Lid high Offers great protection and a large increase in offensive ability.
Grim Reaper high Shrouds the wearer in darkness to increase protection, but also grants the ability to sense enemies by means other than sight.
Warlord's Helmet high Boosts defenses and gives a small bonus to life and mana.
Winged Helmet high A lightweight helm that contains excellent defensive affixes.

Magic line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Cryptic Diadem medium Drains mana but gives contains solid defensive affixes.
Naj's Crown medium Provides defenses and boosts spellcasting.
Morbid Sight medium Boosts spells significantly and offers great AC, but drains magic and regeneration.
Emptyface high Drains mana to boost defenses and spellcasting ability.
Spiritmask high Offers great protection and increases spellcasting ability, but has a high magic requirement.

Dexterity line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Mask of Anger low A shadowy mask that channels the wearer's rage, increasing damage and damage absorbtion.
Yeqon's Horns low-medium A curious circlet that offers no protection. However, it does strengthen the wearers base attack, accuracy, health, and some damage absorbtion.
Blood Visor medium Reduces magic to increase all other attributes.
Crown of Spirits medium Various affixes centered around health manipulation.
Executioner's Mask medium Provides good protection and heightens the senses to allow for better detection of enemies.
Grasp of Oblivion medium Useful primarily for casting-oriented assassins, this crown gives increased magical powers at the cost of strength.
Griswold's Tool high 十分牛B的杖,park发现!!! 攻击力刚刚的~.
Cagemuzzle high Has an abnormally high dexterity requirement, but provides exceptional defense and doubles the duration of the wearer's Fury spell.

Vitality line

Combo line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Blackoak Helm Low This simple cap provides an assortment of benefits such as health regeneration despite its relatively low defence.
Item Name Level Notable Features
Duskdeep medium Boosts attributes and protects against ranged attacks.
Gladiator's Bane medium Boosts the wearer's combat abilities and makes them tougher, but extremely easy to hit.
Helm of Glory medium Provides the very useful "Fastest Hit Recovery" in addition to other defensive affixes.
Dreadvisor medium-high Quality helmet that significantly strengthens the body of the wearer.
Legacy of Blood high Assassin-oriented helmet, it boosts her defensive and offensive abilities greatly.

Body armor

Strength line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Leather of Aut low Melee characters will enjoy the stat bonuses. Also improves magic resistance.
Stalker's Cloak low Good assortment of defensive affixes for any low level character.
Torn Flesh of Souls low Offers various forms of protection except defense, but reduces magic slightly.
Civerb's Vestments low-medium A solid armor that also help the wearer kill demons faster.
Demonspike Coat low-medium Keeps demons away and provides splendid protection.
Velessar's Hauberk low-medium A suit of armor that drains the wearer's magical reserve to increase their health pool.
Vorpal Vest low-medium This cloak enables to user to steal health from enemies.
Yeqon's Clothing low-medium This armour grants the user with greater ability to combat the demonic and undead denizens of the labrynth. However, the user is susceptible to more damage from enemies.
Abaziil's Promise medium This armor provides a small damage bonus and adds fire resistance besides its defensive affixes.
Bul-Kathos' Raiment medium Lets the wearer move more confortably to block faster and resist certain types of attacks easier.
Grace of Death medium Evil permeates this suit, covering the wearer in darkness to provide exceptional protection against all attacks. However, it makes resisting any kind of magic impossible.
Greyform medium Notable for the increase in attack speed it offers.
Sabiru's Hideout medium Exceptional suit of armor, designed for maximum protection against all adventuring hazards.
Stoneskin medium Provides exceptional physical and elemental resistances, but pure magic breaks through easier.
Templar's Outfit medium Gives a strength bonus in addition to improving defensive stats and hit recovery speed.
Wyrmscale Armour medium A masterwork suit of armor that sometimes enables its wearer to deal additional damage.
Baranar's Plate medium-high Boosts strength and offers good protection but contains a dexterity penalty.
Bhaltavir's Garb medium-high Perfect for those who love being in the heat of battle, this plate offers increases damage and health regeneration.
Desert Dragon medium-high An extremely light suit of armor that trains the wearer's body for survival in the harshest of conditions.
Plate of Engart medium-high A reliable plate that is also fire-proof.
Royal Plate medium-high Boosts attributes considerably and comes with moderate defensive affixes.
Berserker's Faith high This plate rewards the brave(or foolish) adventurer who wears it with greater damage potential and stamina.
Bovine Armor high Greatly limits spellcasting ability, however the protection it offers is unmatched.
Duriel's Shell high The hide of a legendary beast, it has been fashioned into a fearsome suit of armor.
Leviathan's Cage high Severely impairs the wearer's spell learning ability, however it grants additional life and mana.
Lorus' Valour high A magical armor that provides agility and damage resistance.
Renegade's Armour high Once worn by a hero whose name was lost to time, this blessed plate improves both the wearer's resilience and magical powers considerably.
The Conquistador high A splendid plate that offers reliable protection.
Underworld Heart high An exceptional suit of armor useful for warriors that provides a bonus to spell levels.

Magic line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Boneflesh medium An undead-repelling mail that boosts spellcasting ability considerably.
Vizjerei Outfit medium Provides the necesary protection and empowerment for a wizard to be able to work his magic safely and effectively.
Naj's Heavy Plate medium-high A bulky suit of armor that inhibits spellcasting but is nearly impervious to attack.
Plate of Infinity medium-high This legendary plate improves the wearer's connection to the flow of mana.
Spiritual Fortress high Exceptional plate armor that serves to protect the wearer and increase their magical prowess.
Steel Carapace high Designed to provide stellar damage resistance, it will also cause the daring mage who dons it to be hit more often.
Stormplate high Offers exceptional lightning resistance and prevents enemy attacks, but leaves the wearer slightly more vulnerable to damage.
Tyrael's Blessing high Contains assorted defensive and spellcasting affixes, making it a good all-around choice.

Dexterity line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Acolyte Cape low A low level cape that provides adequate armour and resistances for the wearer.
Hospitaller Cape low This low level cape greatly enhances fire resistance, strength, damage protection from enemies, and a minor boost in mana. However, the user suffers from a dexterity penalty.
Amazon's Corset medium Powerful defensive affixes compensated by a dexterity penalty.
Emperor's Mail medium Defense-oriented armor that also increases all attributes for its wearer.
Mantle of Silver medium Assorted defensive bonuses and a small mana bonus.
Mantle of Gore high Excellent defensive bonuses and a decent mana bonus.
Aldur's Legacy high Comes with a slight magic penalty, but improves the wearer's vitality besides providing excellent protection.
Internal Sanctuary high Strong defensive affixes coupled with a damage bonus. Excellent for dexterity-based damage dealers.

Combo line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Spirit Forge low Focuses on increasing life, but at the cost of mana.
Krondor's Defense high Offers very strong defenses and increases mana.
Skin of Suffering low High DFE, -400~% AC, AC bonus vs undead, lose resistances, gain high hit points.


Strength line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Bone Guardian low Excellent defensive affixes, however it consumes the wielder's stamina, negating all health regeneration.
Gloomspire low Grants no defense bonus, but resistance to all types of damage.
Holy Defender low Features an excellent array of defensive affixes and protects against attacks from demons.
Lorus' Parry low This shield carries a penalty to magic, but improves defensive stats slightly.
Undead Hunter low Good assortment of defensive affixes with additional armor against the undead.
Stonekeep low-medium Offers good protection, but requires a lot of strength to wield properly.
Pelta Lunata low-medium An unusually heavy shield that helps in combating demons with sword and spell.
Adema medium A chaotic shield that drains magic to provide protection and regeneration.
Berserker's Buckler medium A strong shield that further strengthens the wielder.
Bloodmoon medium Sturdy shield that quickens regeneration and improves lifestealing.
Dawn of Anger medium This shield offers little protection but provides powerful offensive affixes.
Dragongaze medium A fire-resistant shield that also gives a flat bonus to damage.
Dragon's Honor medium Requires a high strength level but provides excellent protection.
Dreg'atar Tower medium A solid shield that can be used to knock back enemies.
Enferum medium A dedicated defensive shield.
Goreshine medium Good defensive affixes and an improved chance to hit enemies.
Munmar's Grin medium A solid shield that grants high magic resistance.
Reign of Kaamos medium A shadowy shield that strengthens the wearer.
Rust Mirror medium Highly boosts all resistances and absorbs sine ranged attacks. However, the user is prone greater damage from enemies and suffers in spell casting.
Spiritual Tower medium A magical shield that provides exceptional damage resistance but carries a great strength penalty. It is ineffective at preventing attacks.
Steelclash medium Contains both defensive and offensive affixes, most notably fast attack.
Umbral Disk medium Boosts physical stats and grants damage resistance.
Shield of Mirrors medium-high A very strong shield, however breaking it will cause decades of bad luck.
Ancestral Call high Good defensive affixes accompanied by improved mana regeneration and a severe mana resistance penalty.
Deathshelter high Protects against attacks from the undead but nullifies all resistance against magical attacks.
Doom Keeper high A shield that offers good resistances and boosts the wearer's life regeneration.
Phaseguard high A very strong shield notable for its high fire resistance value.
Shield of Tyrants high Solid shield with good defensive properties.
Wall of Spears high A lightweight shield that offers additional protection against demons.


Magic line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Amulet of Solstice low-medium Provides several bonuses mostly useful for low level non-caster characters.
Anduril's Heritage low-medium Offers increased armor, at the expense of damage absorbtion.
Shimmering Stone low-medium This amulet provides mana steal 1% ,greatly increases magic, dexterity, and vitality. However, the user suffers a major penalty in strength.
Civerb's Icon medium Grants great agility and toughness.
Demon Hunter's Ankh medium Excellent whenever you expect to encounter demons.
Medallion of the Dead medium Drains the wearer's mana pool to provide extra health and further shields against attacks from the undead.
Optic Amulet medium Grants various bonuses to a character's magical abilities and makes spellcasting easier.
Pendragon medium Provides a small bonus to all resistances in addition to helping the wearer maintain Fury longer.
Rakabis medium Defensive talisman that also increases dexterity.
Scarab of Slumber medium Good assortment of defensive affixes and stats bonuses.
Viper Soul medium Grants additional protection and speed but weakens attacks.
Amulet of the Bull medium-high Fortunately, the wearer retains the intellect of a human.
Amulet of the Cat medium-high Significantly boosts dexterity.
Gorget of the Huntress medium-high Can replace some affixes found on bows, however it severely taxes the wearer's strength.
Pendant of Deceit medium-high A pendant imbued with the essence of chaos, it drains mana while providing the wearer with power and protection.
Dragon Heart high Strengthens the soul of the wearer, greatly boosting regeneration and making them almost impervious to fire attacks.
Inquisitor Zeal high Ignites the wearer's heart, causing a large increase in attack power, and causes undead to be fought with even greater fervor.
Stone of the Dark Sea high A focus item, capable of greatly improving a mage's spellcasting ability.
Token of Terror high A cursed amulet that drenches the wearer's surroundings in shadow, and weakens the body and spirit considerably.
Ward of Infinity high Shields the wearer while providing extensive leeching powers.


Magic line

Item Name Level Notable Features
Soulhaven low Can serve as the source of -33% to range attacks.
Trollbite low-medium This unimpressive ring seems to withstand the heaviest of blows without even a scratch.
Blessgyre medium Great increase to vitality and defenses, at the cost of dexterity.
Bramble medium Causes the wearer to attack faster, but hits are less reliable.
Clawhand medium Offers a large assortment of offensive and defensive affixes.
Dodgecat medium Quickens reflexes, making dodging attacks much easier.
Doom Serpents medium Contains affixes useful for casters, but reduces fire resistance slightly.
Dwarf Star medium Assorted defensive affixes and resistances.
Leviathan's Soul medium The soul of a mythical beast is contained within, and bestows its longevity upon the wearer.
Massaraksh medium Provides a considerable damage boost, but severely drains dexterity.
Mercurial Ring medium An enchanted band that blesses the wearer with incredible agility.
Morana's Demise medium Has a severe magic resistance penalty, however it also reduces the mana cost of spells.
Naj's Puzzle medium Greatly increases spellcasting ability, but at the cost of being able to cast fewer spells.
Nether Coil medium Boasts a wide range of affixes but drains maximum mana.
Ring of Illumination medium The enchanted light radiating from this ring increases all magic resistances.
Ring of Lore medium The wearer can focus on the ring to gain insight on various improved methods of casting known spells.
Ring of the Essence medium Severely taxing on magic, but improves health greatly.
Steel Terret medium Increases combat abilities but penalizes all resistance values.
Survivor's Bracelet medium Improves reaction time, making defending oneself easier.
Xorine's Ring medium Makes spellcasting harder, but enables the casting of more spells.
Spiritual Band medium-high Boosts Spellcasting and offers extra Mana.
Executioner's Oath medium-high Offers several powerful offensive affixes, but greatly reduces lightning resistance.
Frost Signet medium-high Acts as a barrier against lightning attacks, and greatly increases the wearer connection to the flow of magic.
Inarius' Seal medium-high Consumes physical attributes to provide exceptional protection against all kinds of attacks.
Pacification Bracer medium-high A heavy ring that grants mana stealing and defensive bonuses.
Ring of the Truth medium-high Designed to guard the wearer's life by all means possible.
Soulcage medium-high Encloses the wielder in magical shadows, increasing all attributes. However, it severely hinders spellcasting.
Bloodrim high Gives increased resistances and boosts health regeneration.
Bloomfade high Improves all attributes and allows for faster mana regeneration.
Blueprint high Great bonuses for spellcasters who find themselves in close combat often.
Constricting Ring high Binds the wearer to a demonic pact, which will boost all resistances to incredible levels, but greatly weaken the body and soul.
Giant's Knuckle high Offers a great assortment of affixes for melee characters, however it has a steep magic requirement.
Hoop of Magma high This hellforged band greatly empowers the wearer, making them fight with abandon.
Nosferatu Bangle high Seething with evil, this ring allows the wearer to rule in the darkness.
Renegade's Ring high This ring offers unparalleled magical protection but reduces toughness.
Ring of Aut high Makes the wearer more clumsy, but causes muscles to grow to enormous proportions.
Ring of Regha high Offers exceptional magic resistance and attack speed with a slight lightning resistance penalty.
The Bleeder high Provides multiple damage bonuses but drains all attributes.
Warrior's Band high Has both offensive and defensive properties, making it a good all-round choice.

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. If you are thinking about replaying the original Diablo, try Diablo: The Hell instead. Start by reading the getting started guide.