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Unique Monsters are stronger versions of regular monsters. They spawn with additional bonus abilities as well as a group of minion monsters. Minion monsters have the same stats as regular monsters, unless the Unique monster has certain stats it bestows upon its minions (listed below).

Unique Monsters are create randomly with each new game, and appear in random places as well. Their names appear in gold text, and almost all monsters can spawn as a unique.

Some Unique Monsters always appear in the same place each game, and have the same attributes: they are referred to as Super Unique Monsters. Bosses fall under this category.

Unique Monster Bonuses[]

Unique Monsters spawn with some additional abilities. These are picked randomly each time a Unique Monster spawns. There are a total of 13 different bonuses a Unique can get.

Unique Monster Names[]

Uniques spawn with varying names. These names are entirely random and have nothing to do with either the base monster or the abilities it spawns with. The generator isn't very advanced however, so the nature of the process sometimes appears to be not-so random.[1]

All names are composed of one prefix followed by one suffix and one appelation. The entries are selected irrespectively of each other, and could return any combination:

  • Rot Pus the Unclean
  • Mind Bang the Sharp
  • etc.
Prefix Suffix Appelation
Gloom Touch the Hammer
Gray Spell the Axe
Dire Feast the Sharp
Black Wound the Jagged
Shadow Grin the Flayer
Haze Maim the Slasher
Wind Hack the Impaler
Storm Bite the Hunter
Warp Rend the Slayer
Night Burn the Mauler
Moon Rip the Destroyer
Star Kill the Quick
Pit Call the Witch
Fire Vex the Mad
Cold Jade the Wraith
Seethe Web the Shade
Sharp Shield the Dead
Ash Killer the Unholy
Blade Razor the Howler
Steel Drinker the Grim
Stone Shifter the Dark
Rust Crawler the Tainted
Mold Dancer the Unclean
Blight Bender the Hungry
Plague Weaver the Cold
Rot Eater
Ooze Widow
Puke Maggot
Snot Spawn
Bile Wight
Blood Grumble
Pulse Growler
Gut Snarl
Gore Wolf
Flesh Crow
Bone Hawk
Spine Cloud
Mind Bang
Spirit Head
Soul Skull
Wrath Brow
Grief Eye
Foul Maw
Vile Tongue
Sin Fang
Chaos Horn
Dread Thorn
Doom Claw
Bane Fist
Death Heart
Viper Shank
Dragon Skin
Devil Wing