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Uniques are the rarest wearable items in the game. While players may find a few from time to time, searching for specific Uniques is a time intensive process and found only with luck and dedication. Although there are exceptions, each piece of base equipment will generally only have one Unique version of it, imbued with far more desireable stats than any magical version of the same item.

Unique Characteristics

A unique item has it's name written in gold lettering, distinguishing them easily from other magical stats such as rare or set items. It is a telltale sign when searching for any missed loot on the ground that may interest you. In the inventory screen, these items will look plain until identified, upon which time its skin is changed to a more distinguishable shape or color, making them unique in all senses when compared to other gear. Another trait that also sets them apart from other items is that a specific unique can only drop once a game, whereas a Set item could drop more than once for example.

Since Uniques are powerful on their own, they will only gain one socket when using any means for socketing items. A select few uniques do have the possibility of spawning with more than one socket however, although they cannot be made into runewords. Most of the uniques can drop in both normal and ethereal form. In the latter case, players will want to plan ahead for replacement or possibly using a Zod rune before an item deteriorates beyond repair depending on the item's usefulness.

Upgrading Uniques

It is possible to upgrade Uniques in some cases. This may be desirable when a player finds a normal or exceptional tiered Unique and would like to use further down the line when it would normally be out powered by other items. The Horadric Cube Recipes will vary depending on what the base item is and what type of gear.

Elite Uniques

Elite Unique items are somewhat sparse. There are weapon and armor classes that don't have a Unique version. For instance, there is no Unique Hydra Edge (Elite Falchion) or Conquest Sword (Elite Broad Sword). However, there are classes of equipment that actually have two Unique items of the same type! These are: