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Uldyssian ul-Diomed, son of Diomedes, is the main character from The Sin War trilogy written by Richard A. Knaak.


Uldyssian was a farmer who discovers his amazing abilities while some strange events unfold in his home village of Seram. Two traveling missionaries, one belonging to the Cathedral of Light and one belonging to Temple of Triune are brutally murdered, and while Uldyssian had nothing to do with it, one of the victims was found with Uldyssian's knife as the murder weapon. Uldyssian is put into prison, and just at the moment when he so desperately wants to get out, the prison cell's door unlocks and opens all by itself.

Later, when the Master Inquisitor of the Cathedral of Light arrives and is about to declare Uldyssian guilty for the two murders, a bolt of lightning conveniently strikes at the Inquisitor and kills him. As a vicious storm quickly rises, the Cathedral guards attempt to capture Uldyssian, and in his defense he uses his new found powers to kill them all. To the townspeople, this proves Uldyssian's guilt at being a murderer and so everyone - even his lifetime friends in the village - reject him from their lives.

Uldyssian, his brother Mendeln, his two friends Serenthia and Achilios, and a mysterious woman named Lylia flee from Seram. -Intro to novel storyline

Uldyssian and his followers are the next generation of the nephalem, dubbed the edyrem. They posses supernatural powers, and are thought to originally be spawn of demon and angel.

After the nephalem's powers were subdued and controlled by the placing of the Worldstone by Inarius many generations ago, Lilith awoke those powers from within Uldyssian. As Uldyssian has no trust in the followings of the Cathedral of Light nor the Triune, he was easily manipulated by Lilith to wage war against them. He is a pawn in her greater plot for control over Sanctuary. Through the guise of Lylia, she manipulated Uldyssian to gather followers and arouse the power of the nephalem in them as well. Uldyssian was unaware of Lylia's true guise until the end of the trilogy. As the story progresses, Uldyssian loses control over his powers, as they burst out at intervals in a show of emotion.

Uldyssian moves through Sanctuary, gathering followers and ravaging temples of the Cathedral of Light and the Triune. In the end, when the battle between the forces of Hell and Heaven reaches its climax, Uldyssian utilizes his superiorly developed powers to sacrifice himself and save Sanctuary.

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