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Were you looking for Tristram as it appeared in Diablo II, or New Tristram from Diablo III?


In ancient times, Jered Cain and his fellow Horadrim slayed Diablo during the Dark Exile and sealed him within one of the three soulstones. Jered then hid the soulstone in the Horadric monastery built in Tristram.

For ages, Diablo was trapped there, though he slowly corrupted the soulstone with the knowledge gained from Izual.

Diablo I

Tristram, as seen in Diablo

After many years, Leoric, from the kingdom of Westmarch, conquered and converted Khanduras to the Zakarum religion and became king. He made Tristram Khanduras's capital, with his seat of power in the ancient Horadrim monastery, now a cathedral. The Archbishop Lazarus, Leoric's most trusted adviser and an envoy of the Zakarum, ventured deep into the cathedral, attracted by some mystic energy. At the bottom he found Diablo's soulstone.

Diablo, having fully corrupted the soulstone, was able to influence Lazarus into shattering it. He tried to take control of Leoric's body, and while he managed to drive the king mad, he was never able to fully possess Leoric. Diablo then left the king's body and requested of Lazarus a weaker host, and the archbishop proceeded to bring Albrecht, Leoric's son, to Diablo. Rapidly possessing the prince, the Lord of Terror finally was able to fully manifest in the mortal realm once again. Leoric was left even more insane by the disappearance of his son, and thought the townsfolk guilty, and even his loyal knights.

His knights, led by Lachdanan, were sent (by the advice of Lazarus) to a suicidal war against the larger kingdom of Westmarch; more than half of Tristram's citizens were charged of treason and murdered. When Lachdanan returned defeated to Tristram, he found the city devastated. He confronted the king and he finally perceiving that there was no salvation for Leoric. When King Leoric attacked Lachdanan and his knights, Lachdanan ordered them to defend themselves and a fierce battle ensued, until Lachdanan and his forces were able to overcome the darkened monarch. At his dying breath, Leoric cursed Lachdanan and his knights to serve him in darkness, forever.

Soon after, Tristram was attacked by a horde of demons, and the once-holy cathedral became a place of dark cult and rituals. The archbishop emerged from the ancient Horadric monastery, and rallied the townsfolk into finding the lost prince in the dungeon, only to trap them to confront the powerful Overlord The Butcher, who slayed many that night, with very few survivors. What was left of Tristram's townsfolk either left the town or tried to survive how they could in the demon-infested town.

This is the setting in which Diablo I takes place. All the game's action takes place in or under Tristram.