Tremors in the Stone

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Tremors in the Stone
Tremors in the Stone.png
Quest StartLieutenant Lavail
Quest EndLeah
Quest Objectives

  1. Go to the Armory
  2. Kill the Terror Spawn
  3. Talk to Leah

Tremors in the Stone is the fourth quest of Act III.

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Quest Rewards

  • 0 XP
  • 0 Gold.png


Vision of Azmodan Portrait.pngVision of Azmodan
An empty victory over a useless tool.
Vision of Azmodan Portrait.pngVision of Azmodan
Your have only delayed your inevitable destruction. Your walls have grown no stronger. Our assault continues unabated.
Vision of Azmodan Portrait.pngVision of Azmodan
The stone will still be mine.
Lieutenant Lavail Portrait.pngLieutenant Lavail
Terrifying noises were coming from the armory, so Tyrrael went to investigate. He said if you were to return, I should send you there.

Go to the Armory

Kill the Terror Spawn

Talk to Leah

Leah Portrait.pngLeah
The soulstone seems stable now.
Adria Portrait.pngAdria
The demons' rage has been subdued.
Tyrael Portrait.pngTyrael
Yes, but for how long? Our time grows short! We must take this fight to Azmodan!
Barbarian Portrait.pngBarbarian
He is marshaling his forces from within Arreat Crater. I will cross the battlefields and bring an end to his madness.
Crusader Portrait.pngcrusader
Then we should not waste time discussing it. I will break their battle lines, enter the crater and end this.
Demon Hunter Portrait.pngDemon Hunter
Don't worry. I will hunt him down through the crater and fill his miserable head with my bolts.
Monk Portrait.pngMonk
I will join the battle and forge a path to Arreat Crater, where Azmodan waits.
Witch Doctor Portrait.pngWitch Doctor
Then I will go to the battlefield and find a way to Arreat Crater and to Azmodan.
Wizard Portrait.pngWizard
I will fight my way across the battlefields and descend into Arreat Crater, where he hides.