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Game Diablo II
Class Assassin
Primary Attack Lightning Sentry, Fire Blast
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator Ferr3t

The Trapsin is an Assassin class character that makes full utilization of the Trap skilltree and a shallow dip into the Shadow skills to support her. Traps are minion based summons that are stationary and attacks enemies as soon as they enter the range of the trap. When multiple enemies are within reach, the one closest to the trap becomes the target. At end-build this character specialization will deal massive amounts of Lightning, moderate amounts of Fire, and limited amounts of physical damage, so there are no normal enemies that cannot be killed. The assassin does not have to fight on the front lines if she so chooses, however, her massive pool of life points will allow her to be relatively safe regardless of where she is placed in battle.

Stat Allocation

Assassins start with the following stats:

Strength:20 Dexterity:20 Vitality:20 Energy:25

For each level, her base health increases by a count of 3. This makes her extremely durable on her own, not taking into account that a Trapsin is a distance fighter.

For the perfect item setup, it is not necessary to put stats anywhere to finish her build, so for comfort everything can be placed into Vitality. Should you expect not being able to afford the whole item setup, the player can dump some points into Strength, whereby 40 will put you on the safe side. NOTE: If possible, before you start allocating stat points, look up the gear that you expect to be using at the end and tally up how many stats you get from items and how much you need.


Our gear will be optimized mainly for +Skills, Teleportation and full resistances in combination with Fade, so we have to use a few Shadow Discipline skills to help us work out the deficit of such offensive gear. This build is completed at 98 if you aim to get all the skills listed below.

20 - Fire Blast

20 - Shock Web

20 - Charged Bolt Sentry

20 - Lightning Sentry

20 - Death Sentry

1 - Claw Mastery

1 - Psychic Hammer

1 - Burst of Speed

1 - Weapon Block

1 - Cloak of Shadows

1 - Fade

1 - Shadow Warrior

1 - Mind Blast

1 - Shadow Master

Skill Explanation

I suggest getting shadow skills out of the way as soon as you get them with the exception of Shadow Master, they help tremendously. Shadow Warrior is efficient enough for leveling, it will not use Mind Blast to annoy party members. Also invest points into Fire Blast, gradually hitting the skill cap before maxing all lightning based traps to take out immunes with relative ease. Fire Blast deals much more damage than any stationary fire trap because of the synergies of other traps you skill, and also does not suffer from the delay until next hit, making stationary fire traps deal even less damage than what the screen says. Max Shock Web or Charged Bolt Sentry last. A mixed opinion between players surfaces when discussing Fade vs. Burst of Speed. For this exact guide, it is imperative that Fade is on most of the time for a few reasons:

  • The resistances will not be maxed out by a good deal.
  • Fade has an invisible stat boost. For each level (up to 20) in Fade, your assassin recieves 1% Damage Reduction.
  • We will be able to teleport safer.

Skill Progression

This is a very loose field for the Trapsin. She won't have enough Mana at the beginning to spam traps, so after a few points in traps, attention can shift towards the Shadow tree. Once a stable amount of Mana is available, you can now switch between Shadow and Traps as you deem necessary. The main point is to make sure damage keeps growing so you don't stall out, but at the same time, have the shadow skills done before leveling gets tough, 90 at the latest.


  • Traps for the first few levels
  • Shadow after the first trap skills have been unlocked
  • Alternate Traps and Shadow as necessary when Mana is available
  • Have Shadow finished by 90 at the latest
  • Rest in Traps

Equipment List

High-End Equipment

Head - Shako

Amulet - Mara's

Armor - Mage Plate Enigma

Weapon - Flail HotO

Shield - Monarch Spirit

Gloves - Magefists

Belt - Arachnid's Mesh

Boots - Treks

Rings - BK for Life, SoJ if you are short on mana. 700 Mana is more than enough to teleport to Baal though.

Charms - High Stat Torch

Charms - High Stat Anni

Charms - 9x Trap Gcs

Equipment Explanation

This setup of items was placed together for the best results in damage, faster cast rate and resistances. Should you have to replace any items, I recommend either stating some Strength or substituting one of the rings for a rare random with enough strength and other stats you pick. Taking the Mage Plate Enigma out of the equation will make it nearly impossible to use a Spirit shield unless more changes are made to gain back that strength. This will result in a very possible reduction of damage amongst other things, making the character less efficient. The Enigma is preferred over a Chains of Honor armor because it enables us to teleport. This is desirable for Baaling, MFing and PvP.


This build will leave you with 525 base vitality, and exceeds to near the 700 mark when considering stats from items. You may however chose to get max block instead of massive vitality, but that is player preference. Always spam Traps at the edge of the screen in the general direction you are heading to, and bind your left mouse key to Fire Blast. This way you will never have to choose between Lightning Trap or Fire Blast when confronted with multiple enemies. Use Mind Blast when necessary. This is helpful when stopping in a mob of angered monsters, especially dolls, but also useful in PvP if you can get the stun lock activated. If you have the option, give your mercenary an Infinity polearm and take some extra Mana potions instead of opting for Insight - it will increase your clearing speed considerably.

Contrary to popular belief, Rainbow Facets and Griffon's Eye Diadem do nothing for our Assassin. It has been proven that Traps are minion-class summons, and although the damage screen will say otherwise, nothing is gained from those items.