Trag'Oul's Realm

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Trag'Oul's Realm is the place or dimension where Trag'Oul lives, described as endless blackness except for the stars that make up the dragon Trag'Oul's body.


It's a very strange place. Time does not appear to flow there, or at least it works differently compared to the flow on Sanctuary. There's no ground or earth, yet people can still breathe and stand while there. It also appears impossible for anyone outside of it to find it. In fact Trag'Oul had to leave his realm (the only time he's ever done so) in order to take establish a connection between himself and Rathma for the first time. Someone inside the realm, though possibly only Trag'Oul himself, can be aware of outside events however. This has allowed the dragon to view Sanctuary from his domain over the years, and made him notice Rathma at an early stage as a potential student.

The only time that anyone has communicated of what appears to be outside of the realm is when Trag'Oul tries to enter Sanctuary a second time and is stopped by The Others. They speak to him in his mind, and from what little can be garnered from the event it seems as if The Others are beings similar to Trag'Oul that guard other worlds. It's possible they also inhabit the same place he does.