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A Town Portal is a fast travel mechanism that allows the player to be transported back to town from most remote locations in the game.

Diablo III

A Town Portal as it appears in New Tristram.

Town Portals were reintroduced originally as a form of transportation by using the Stone of Recall, allowing players to teleport back to town. In Beta patch 10, the Stone of Recall method was removed and instead, the ability to cast a town portal was integrated right into the UI. Players can unlock the town portal ability during the quest A Shattered Crown.

Town Portal D3 UI.jpg

Diablo II

In Diablo II, Town Portals are created with Scroll of Town Portal which can be bought and stored in Tome of Town Portal books. One Tome can hold up to 20 scrolls.

When going through large areas between Waypoints, it is a good idea to open up a Town Portal as a quick escape route. You can use it to retreat from danger or to get back to your body much more quickly if you die.

Also, in the wilderness, players may encouter Portal Shrines. These shrines give players the "freedom to go home...", opening a Town Portal that lasts twice as long as regular Town Portals. The players can use these shrine portals as many times as they want. If the player casts another Town Portal from a scroll, a second, normal blue portal will be created. But, if the player activates another Portal Shrine, the original shrine portal will be replaced by the new one.

Town Portals in Multiplayer Games

  • The destination of the Town Portal is listed above it, as is the name of the character who opened the Town Portal.
  • Town Portal use is restricted to party members only. Other players must join your party to use your Town Portal. Similarly, you must join a party before you can use other players' Town Portals.
  • If you go hostile with another player your Town Portal will close. You also will not be able to use the Town Portals of other players or Town Portals created by a Portal Shrine.
  • When fighting powerful bosses, Unique monsters, or huge groups of monsters, your character may wind up dying a lot. Have two party members cast Town Portal a few screens apart. If monsters begin to camp around or guard one Town Portal, you can enter using the other one. Party members can continue to use these portals without recasting, as long as the original Town Portal casters do not use their own portal when returning from town or create any new Town Portals. This method is very handy when you are low on Health Potions and need to return to town frequently to heal, refill Mana or buy more Healing Potions.
  • Remember to make sure that everyone in your party has used your Town Portal to return to battle before entering it yourself. Otherwise, you might close your Town Portal leaving someone in town. You do not want to have to use another Town Portal scroll to reunite your party.
  • Town Portals are also your best escape from other players who are trying to kill you. If a player turns Hostile on you, quickly use a Town Portal to escape to the safety of town if you want to avoid player-to-player combat.

Restrictions on Town Portal usage

You cannot enter Town Portals cast by other players in areas beyond the "blocking quests" without having completed those quests: e.g., Canyon of the Magi/Seven Tombs/Duriel's Lair (The Summoner), The Harem/Palace Basement/Arcane Sanctuary (The Tainted Sun), Durance of Hate (The Blackened Temple), The Worldstone Keep (The Ancients), The Secret Cow Level (Terror's End in DII classic or Eve of Destruction in DII: LoD). NOTE: A player who kills the High Council (but doesn't use Khalim's Will to smash the Compelling Orb) may take a Town Portal into the Durance of Hate.

This is to prevent higher level players from helping lower level players to advance further in the game without working for it. If a player is unable to enter a portal, this means they need to complete a quest.

Diablo I

In Diablo I, Town Portal is a non-class-specific spell that can be learned from books. It's mana cost decreases as the player increases the level. It may also be cast from a scroll nullifying it's mana cost. In Hellfire, there is also a portal shrine.