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The Thonos is a demon summoned from the Burning Hells by Lilith. It is said that it not only has tentacles, but it is tentacles. As noticed by Uldyssian, the Thonos is smarter than it looks. Realizing a full frontal attack would not work against the Edyrem leader it distracted him and sent tentacles under the ground to trap him.


The Thonos is an oval shape demon the size of nearly twelve men. Hundreds of tentacles of various sizes and lengths sprout from the oval mass. Any area on the Thonos' body that is not covered by a tentacle was covered by an eye, very similar to the eyes of a human, but the size of ones head. The mouth consists of a "beak-like projection" underneath the body with a thick tongue inside.

Sin War

The demon is first encountered when it attacks Achilios outside of Hashir. The Thonos tries to strangle Achilios to death by wrapping a tentacle around his neck, but soon realizes it is ineffective (as undead do not breathe). It then changes strategies, grasping each of Achilios' limbs and attempts pulling him to pieces. Just at that moment a bright light flashes, searing the Thonos and causing it to flee underground. It is later discovered the light was caused by the angel Tyrael.

The demon is seen again in the battle in between Istani and Kalinash. It emerges out of the ground sending many Edyrem flying or fleeing and begins battling Uldyssian. The Thonos tries to eat Uldyssian but Uldyssian sends a wave of energy at its mouth, searing its tongue. The Thonos then attempts to crush Uldyssian, but Achilios appears out of nowhere, eyes blazing white and begins firing magical explosive arrows into the Thonos' eyes.

It is assumed that Achilios, possibly with Tyrael's assistance, prevented the Thonos from burrowing and thus prevented it from fleeing:

"It's going to burrow!" he shouted to the hunter. "It's going to attack from underneath!"
To this, Achilios remarked in the same monotone voice as before, "No. It will not. Go now, Uldyssian."


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