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The Sightless Eye is the first act in Diablo II, and is located in eastern Khanduras, in which the player must help the Rogues take back the Rogue Monastery from Andariel.

Rogue Encampment

The Rogue Encampment is the starting camp for the player, and the only safe place in the region. It's a camp consisting mostly of rogues who've fled from the Monastery, when Andariel claimed it in the wake of Diablo's passing. Several NPC's can be talked to and provide information and services during the player's stay in the Act.

  • Akara: High Priestess of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, is a formal woman, who intones rather than speaks. She is naturally suspicious of outsiders, but needs your help. She will replenish health and mana upon talking to her. She also sells keys, town portal scrolls and tomes, health potions, mana potions, wands and scepters.
  • Kashya: The Rogue Mercenary Captain, she is hard-as-nails. She doesn't shy from talking about blood and gore. She is a bit impatient and curt until you win her trust. Rogue Mercenaries can be hired (or revived) for a price.
  • Charsi: The Blacksmith, is a somewhat slow-witted simple country gal, but anger enters her voice when she mentions demons. She will repair items for a fee. Upon completion of a quest, she can also imbue an item for you with special properties.
  • Warriv: The tall, Arabic-looking Caravan Leader, is a dour adage-sayer.
  • Gheed: A greedy traveling merchant whose speech reeks of flowers. He can trade and gamble.
  • Deckard Cain: A Horadrim mage, schooled in the most arcane history and lore, who advises you. Once you rescue him from Tristram, he can also identify items.


As the player progresses outward from the camp, the wilds begin as grasslands and ends inside the Rogue Monastery.

Rogue Encampment
  • Town
The Secret Cow Level
Blood Moor
The Den of Evil
Cold Plains
Burial Grounds
The Crypt
The Mausoleum
Stony Field
Underground Passage
Dark Wood
Black Marsh
The Hole
The Forgotten Tower
Tamoe Highland
The Pit
Monastery Gate
Outer Cloister
Inner Cloister