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The Secret of the Vizjerei is the second chapter in the Diablo II storyline. The player travels to Lut Gholein to stop the Dark Wanderer from freeing Baal.

Lut Gholein

  • Warriv, He and his caravan are now in Lut Gholein, and after setting up trade routes, he will continue to transport the player back to the Rogue Encampment.
  • Lysander, An Alchemist that buys and sells potions, keys and other items.
  • Fara, A former Paladin from the city of Kurast, she is now Lut Gholein's blacksmith, selling and repairing armor and weapons by trade. She will also replenish health and mana upon talking to her.
  • Deckard Cain, After traveling with you, he will continue to provide advice and identify items.
  • Atma, The owner of a public house, she is in need of a Hero to avenge the death of her husband and son.
  • Geglash, A drunk warrior who spends his time in Atmas public house drinking.
  • Drognan, A sorcerer who buys and sells staves, sceptors, wands, scrolls, tomes and potions.
  • Elzix, With his days as a bandit behind him, he buys and sells various weapons and armor, he also allows you to gamble on his merchandise.
  • Jerhyn, The young leader of Lut Gholein, he is trying to stop the demons from consuming the palace without anyone noticing.
  • Greiz, A mercenary, hired by Jerhyn to protect the city, he will let you hire his mercenaries, for a price.
  • Kaelan, The Guard who guards the entrance of the Palace.
  • Meshif, the Captain of a ship bound for Kurast, he cannot leave until everything is settled in the city.
  • Tyrael, an archangel, member of the Angiris Council, he has been trapped inside Tal Rasha's tomb since Baal was freed.


The player reaches Lut Gholein by Warriv's caravan and immediately blends into the city by helping Atma avenge her husband and son by killing Radament in the city Sewers.

In Radament's Lair, the player finds a Horadric Scroll which holds the secret to create the Horadric Staff, the key to Tal Rasha's Chamber. The player then sets off to find the parts of the staff.

These require a vast search of the desert to find. Meanwhile, Claw Vipers capture the sun, enshrouding Aranoch (full effect unknown) in darkness; When the hero finally reaches the Tomb of Tal Rasha they are too late, Baal has already been freed. Instead, they find Duriel (Act II boss), one of the Great Evils of Hell, guarding the tomb and attempting to stop anyone from following Diablo and Baal. He was ordered to do such a lowly job as punishment from the Prime Evils for acting against them during the Dark Exile. Tyrael is found to be held captive inside the tomb after the player defeats Duriel.

Players are usually around level 18-21 when they finish Act II.