The Precious Ores

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The Precious Ores
Miner Portrait.png
Help Tashun the Miner find the riches in the mine.
ActAct I
LocationLost Mine Level 2
TriggerTashun the Miner
Gold215 Gold.png
  • Find the Vein of Metals
  • Find the Pure Gemstone
  • Kill the Burrowing Leapers
  • Speak with Tashun

The Precious Ores is an event quest in Act I. It spawns in the Lost Mine Level 2. The event is triggered by interacting with Tashun the Miner. The event reward is dropped by Shanabi a Unique Scavenger.


Miner Portrait.png
Tashun the Miner
I heard there is a fine vein of metals and gems down here. Help me find it, and I will sell you my goods at a more than fair price.
Well... I do like helping people.Enchantress Portrait.png
  • Find the Vein of Metals.
  • Find the Pure Gemstone.
Miner Portrait.png
Tashun the Miner
Yes, this is the spot!
Miner Portrait.png
Tashun the Miner
As promised, here are my goods for you to look through.