The Infernal Gate

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The Infernal Gate is the third chapter of Diablo II. The player travels to the Kurast Docks following the Dark Wanderer.

Kurast Docktown

  • Alkor, the town alchemist living in a secluded hut at the edge of the docks, he will buy and sell potions and let you gamble on his stock.
  • Asheara, The leader of the Iron Wolves, she will sell the services of her mercenaries as well as offer trade in some of the mercenaries' spoils of battle. She can also resurrect your mercenary, for a fee.
  • Deckard Cain, following the player wherever they go, he will continue to offer guidance and item identification.
  • Hratli, a sorcerer and blacksmith who has a collection of magically-imbued items. By trade, he buys, sells and repairs armor and weapons.
  • Meshif, after transporting the player to Kurast, he stands by his ship, ready for you to return should you want to go back to Lut Gholein.
  • Natalya, An Assassin sent to keep a watch over Ormus, she wil offer you what help she can and when her job is done, she will disappear.
  • Ormus, a powerful sorcerer and healer who also sells masks, staves, sceptors, wands, healing potions, scrolls and tomes. He will also replenish life and mana upon talking to him.


When Meshif sees his homeland in its present state, he is totally shattered and requests the player to rid the city of the Jungle-plague. In their travels, players find a rare Jade Figurine which is traded and bartered with Meshif and Alkor for an elixir which increases the player's life.

Soon, the magical seal protecting the Docktown from the Jungle begins to weaken and the player is asked to recover a sacred Skatsimi Blade, the Gidbinn. Then, Ormus uses the blade to recast the seal and the town is safe once more.

But the player is reminded of their true purpose in Kurast, the destruction of the Dark Wanderer. The player is then sent out to retrieve the ex-Que-Hegan, Khalim's relics in order to assemble Khalim's Will.

Meanwhile, the town alchemist, Alkor, has a found out a means to see into the future of the Great War. But he needs a Black Book, Lam Esen's Tome to aid him. The player assists in recovering the Black Book from one of Kurast's many ancient temples. The Black Book then reveals that the Burning Hells, mostly Mephisto, is behind the Plague.

Then Ormus intervenes and gives the player the quest to destroy the High Council of Zakarum in Travincal. During the course of the quest, the player uses Khalim's Will to destroy the Compelling Orb and reveal Mephisto's secret lair.

The player then confronts the Lord of Hatred himself in an epic battle that frees the people of Kurast from the Jungle and allows the player to enter the Burning Hells.