The Harrowing

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The Harrowing is the fourth and final chapter in Diablo II (excluding Lord of Destruction, the act which was added in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion). The player travels to the Pandemonium Fortress to put an end to Diablo's reign of Terror once and for all.

Pandemonium Fortress

  • Deckard Cain, Having followed the Player to Hell it self, his identification skills and quest information continue to help the Player.
  • Tyrael, An Archangel, who has helped humanity survive against the Prime Evils, he will resurrect your mercenary should they die.
  • Jamella, A Warrior of Light, she buys and sells weapons, armor, scrolls, and potions. She also replenishes health and mana upon talking to her.
  • Halbu, Jamella's Brother in arms, he buys, sells and repairs weapons and armor.


As soon as the player arrives in the Pandemonium Fortress, Deckard Cain welcomes them to the Last Bastion of Light in the Burning Hells. He also tells the player to meet the Archangel Tyrael.

The distraught Archangel thanks the player for rescuing him in Tal Rasha's Chamber and asks them for a favor, to find and destroy the Demonic Vessel holding Izual.

The player carries out the Archangel's wishes and kills Izual's demonic host, freeing the Angel. Izual informs the player that it was he who told the Prime Evils of the Soulstone's power and that the demons had orchestrated a massive plan to gain the power of the Soulstones.

Hearing about this, Deckard Cain beseeches the player to destroy Mephisto's Soulstone at the Hellforge. The player does so and ends up killing the Armorer of Hell, Hephasto the Armorer.

Seeing that the final path is clear, Tyrael prepares the player for their final battle with the Lord of Terror himself. The player meets up with Hadriel, another Angel sent to keep an eye on Diablo's chamber: the Chaos Sanctuary. He informs the player that Diablo has not reached his maximum potential after possessing the Dark Wanderer's body and that the transformation has left him weak. So, before fighting Diablo himself, the player must confront three of his finest generals, whom Diablo has summoned to protect him. The player eventually succeeds in defeating the three generals and obliterates Diablo. The player then destroys his Soulstone at the Hellforge before going to Harrogath.