The Crumbling Tower

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The Crumbling Tower
The Lyceum.png
Explore the Lyceum.
ActAct I
LocationThe Lyceum
TriggerUpon entering
Gold440 Gold.png
  • Explore the Lyceum
  • Ritual Disrupted: 3/3
  • Kill the Tortured Soul

The Crumbling Tower is an event quest in Act I. It triggers within the Lyceum, which rarely spawns in Southern Highlands. The event is triggered upon entering or while exploring the Lyceum.


Unknown Portrait.pngDark CultistThe tower is breached! Don't let them get any further!
  • Find and stop the rituals of the Cultists: 3/3
Unknown Portrait.pngDark SummonerConcentrate, you fools!
Unknown Portrait.pngDark SummonerA mighty gift for our master.

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