The Battlefields

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The Battlefields
The Battlefields.png
Act Act 3
Shrines Yes
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Layout Exact
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The Battlefields is the zone just outside Bastion's Keep. It is notable for being a very small zone that still houses a number of different dungeons required for the Oh, the Places You'll Go! achievement. The zone consists of a large central map location surrounded by several smaller map locations. Cryder's Outpost, the Battlefield Stores and The Foundry all spawn in the large central location, while The Forward Barracks can spawn in either of the smaller locations along the edges of the zone. Earning achievement credit for all four dungeons requires a minimum of three games but is likely to require more, as there is no guarantee that any dungeon at all will spawn.



Normal Champion / Rare Unique


Related Quests

Spawnable Containers

  • Chest
  • Dead Guardsman
  • Demon Corpse
  • Sturdy Barrel
  • Weapon Rack