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This template is intended to be used on pages relating to the lore of various characters in the Diablo Universe.


{{Infobox Character

|Name        = 
|Image       = 
|Title       = 
|Gender      = 
|Affiliation = 
|Relatives   = 
|Status      = 
|Appearances = 



Tyrael Clean.png
Title Aspect of Justice
Gender Male
Affiliation Heaven
Relatives Inarius (brother)
Status Alive
Appearances Diablo II
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Scales of the Serpent
The Veiled Prophet
{{Infobox Character

|Name        = Tyrael
|Image       = [[Image.Tyrael Clean.png|270px]]
|Title       = Aspect of Justice
|Gender      = Male
|Affiliation = [[Heaven]]
|Relatives   = [[Inarius]] (brother)
|Status      = Alive
|Appearances = [[Diablo II]]<br />[[Diablo II: Lord of Destruction]]<br />[[Scales of the Serpent]]<br />[[The Veiled Prophet]]<br />[[Demonsbane]]