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Game Diablo II
Class Paladin
Primary Attack Zeal
Can Solo Hell? Yes
Creator Dane

The Telezealer Paladin in my own opinion is one of the most fun characters to make in Diablo 2. They are rare, which can be a great advantage in duels. The only players you should have trouble with are the max block Bone Necromancer, because most will spam Bone Spirits which has a terrible stun affect. Also look out for the Elemental Druid. If he isn't max block, you won't have a problem, but if he is, be careful. Try to get lucky by Life Tapping off his wolves.


Armor : Enigma

Weapon : Grief runeword in a Berserker Axe

Shield : Pheonix runeword in a Sacred Targe, try to get one with good resistances and Enhanced Damage

Helm : Crown of Ages with 2 Ber runes

Gloves : Dracul's Grasp

Rings : 2x Raven Frost

Belt : Arachnids Mesh

Boots : Gore Riders

Amulet : Highlord's Wrath

Charms : Hellfire Torch, Anni, 13 20/5's (20 life,5 resist small charms), The rest are 3/20/20's (3 max dmg, 20 attack rating, 20 life small charms)

Other useful items

Exile - If you really want to bm with a lot of Life Tap

Call to Arms and Spirit shield on weapon switch


Max Zeal and it's synergies. Max Fanatacism, Max Holy shield and Defiance. Put 1 point into Vigor.


Get enough strength to wear all your items. Then get enough dexterity so you have ax block with Holy Shield on. Put the rest into vitality.

You should end up with around 4.5k health, and around 4k damage (actually around about 10k, probably more, because it doesn't show the extra damage from your Grief.)

Dueling Tips

The telezealer works very nicely against all sorceresses, whether they be max block or not. They work well against all types of amazons, assassins and barbarians.

The most trouble this character has is against the paladin, the necromancer, and the druid.

Sorceress - Desynch around moor, and when they least expect it, teleport on top of them and attack.

Bowazon - When they have their bow out, charge them. When they switch to their javalin, teleport on top of them, and zeal.

Cs Zon - Smite is best used against cs zons, because most will be max block, and you can't block smite. Teleport on them and smite.

Trapsin - Charge them down, and their no problem.

Whirlwind Sin - Try to time it right when they stop whirlwinding, tele on top of them and zeal. You can also teleport in the line of where they are whirlwinding, so they go right through your zeal without being able to dodge it.

Barbarians - Refer to whirlwind assassin

Smiter - Not much you can do against smiters, zeal won't do anything to them. You can try to out smite them, but I wouldn't get your hopes up on winning.

Hammerdin - Sounds like it would be hard, but it can be done. When they try to teleport on top of you, walk down a little bit and zeal or smite him. If he's standing still, blindspot him and zeal him.

Wolf Druid - If he's max block, it's really just a matter of luck.

Non-Max block Wind Druid - Easy, telestomp and attack.

Max Block Wind Druid - Let him come after you, kill all his wolves, when he runs to re-summon, telestomp and attack.

Necromancer - In my experience, this is the hardest character to beat on a telezealer, because bone spirit stuns like a bitch. If you hit his golem, or it hits you, it greatly decreases your attack speed. It's extemely hard to avoid it too, because every time he teleports, the golem goes with him. But try as best as you can to avoid it, and teleport on him and attack.