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Obviously the current design does not allow for more than 5 images unless the widths of those images are decreased. I am not a magician. I cannot bend the fabric of timespace. :) See: to compare what the portal looks like on smaller resolutions. - Huck

thanks. i can just move 2 images to the next column right? - Zhuge

You mean the next row? You can. Be aware that the large images are not necessary: in fact what I've done with Main Page (Diablo I) is just put text there in place of those images. I didn't feel I had enough content to justify them. In fact, the decision to use large images on the wiki's central main page was primarily a design decision, to attract readers to important parts of the wiki with relative ease. Since each mod is independent of the other and we don't want one being visited more than another, it may be a good choice to seek an alternative way of displaying the different mods. Each portal need not, and should not, be identical: they should use the space for the best means possible given their purpose. Since this portal is in your hands, I leave that choice to you. - Huck