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Missed to integrate Izual's words during the release from his accursed form during diablo 2

Izual's words uncover the hidden plot of the evil of Tyrael when he reveals The Prime Evils learned the secrets of Soulstones from him and he from Tyrael - and that he was made to rush against The Hellforge by the manipulations of Tyrael. Destroying Izual is nothing but removing a wittness from the game (the quest of course given by Tyrael, the mastermind behind all).

Tyrael, who "decided" to "keep" the world of Sanctuary, which could not be destroyed due to the Worldstone anyway! (detail in the article)

So Tyrael seemingly votes for sparing the potentially dangerous Sanctuary, while secretly plotting for its destruction for his hate of the nephalem. For his hate and jealousy he don't look for seizing the new world, neither recruiting soldiers for Heaven's army - he seeks instead total destruction.

For this purpose he plots a plan lasting eons. He - using reverse-phsychology - sends Izual to the Three Prime Evils with detailed informations on the use of the Soulstones, making the primes designing the Sin War themselves. The "rebellion" of the Lesser Evils is nothing but a lie: it is made only to derive the attention of Heaven from the Primes infiltrating Sanctuary. But the plan of the Primes was the plan of Tyrael all along...

Tyrael perfectly knew no human can hold imprisoned a Prime, but HIS actions were which led to Baal possessing one of the greatest mages of all time, and Diablo to be able to both return from his soulstone, get stronger by encouraging The Warrior encrusting the soulstone into himself, which led to the release of all the Primes (especially nice moves when pretends to fight against evil while Diablo brought a human - the only being who could do the task), which led to the destruction of the Worldstone (which could have not happened unless Tyrael trusting Baal's stone to the obviously corrupted Marius to deliver the stone to Baal so the demon can destroy the Worldstone) - stripping Sanctuary from its only protection of open attack of Heaven and Hell. All this while the demons are banished to Hell, but Tyrael still roaming the world of Sanctuary unbound. Just ask yourself: if an entire regiment of angles could not storm The Hellforge, how could the simple Marius do the job? Heck, how could anyone reach Hellforge without serious help in the background?

Tyrael was probably also responsible for The Sorcerer going into Trystram when Diablo arised from his Tomb to identify all the false tombs of Tal Rasha, without the knowledge Diablo could never found the imprisoned Baal.

Tyrael surly was respinsible for sending the hero(s) of Diablo 2 into Hell to "destroy Diablo". This act's true purpose was in real to delay the hero(s) and let Baal pass Mount Arreat and reach the Worldstone.

Tyrael is undoubtably also played major role founding the Church of Zakarum, which - having the knowledge on the soulstones - he perfectly knew will go corrupt under the influence of Mephisto, without whose help he could not make the hero(s) of Diablo 2 be delayed enough, thus Baal would have not the time to reach the top of Mount Arreat.

And of course Tyrael was who solely founded The Order of Horadrim who "imprisoned" the Prime Evils (and likely played major role in the immediate dissolving of the order after that), and whom member, Decard Cain made the hero(s) of Diablo 2 to blindly follow the instructions of Tyrael.

Supporting this theory there are also the words of the Primes from Diablo 2: Mephisto says "you are too late", suggesting everything what was supposed to do was done by Mephisto already. Mephisto's death obviously not effect the plan of The Three. Neither did Diablo, as shows by Baal's speech: "My brothers will not have died in vain!" And while Baal was only ment to corrupt the Worldstone, and all the humans/nephalem were fortold the Worldstone will be preserved after this - obviously preached by Heaven -, Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone proving himself a traitor to all sides.

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