Sword of Justice

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Sword of Justice
Sword of Justice 1 Cover.jpg
Publisher DC Comics
Writer Aaron Williams
Artists Joseph Lacroix
Dave Stewart
Published #1: November 2011
#2: January 2012
#3: March 2012
#4: May 2012
#5: ?

The Sword of Justice is a comic set in the Diablo Universe released by DC Comics. It tells the story of young Jacob who finds Tyrael's sword after it was used to destroy the Worldstone 20 years earlier.


Jacob is the son of the Lord Constable of Staalbreak, a town in the Dreadlands that is under constant threat of the barbarians who have been somehow tainted by the demonic corruption spreading in their old homeland. In his attempts to keep Staalbreak safe from barbarian corruption, Jacob's father murders his wife, who is a barbarian. When Jacob questions this, his father turns on him as well and reveals that he too is affected by the corruption. Jacob kills his father and flees Staalbreak.

An unspecified time later Jacob finds himself in Lut Gholein where he encounters a seer named Bahman. The old mans knows Jacob's name and tells him that he must venture northeast into the desert in order to fulfill his destiny. Jacob thinks it nonsense, but heads in that direction anyways. Meanwhile he is pursued by his childhood friend Ivan and his contingent, who seek to bring him back to Staalbreak under charges of murder.

He eventually finds the place the seer was talking about, a cave under twin peaks, and in there he finds a mysterious sword and wall carvings that depict his entire life. The drawings it turns out were made by Shanar, a wizard who was trapped by the sword and forced to guard, while simultaneously providing her with visions of Jacob. As Shanar explains how she ended up there, Ivan catches up to them. A fight ensues in which Jacob is knocked unconscious and captured while Shanar is forced to run away.

Ivan possessed by an unknown demon.

Captured by Ivan and being led back to Staalbreak, they make camp the next night. There Jacob watches as the men enter a state of frenzy while devouring a live pig, and in the process killing one of their own number. During the madness Shanar appears and frees him, though they do not make it far before the men realize they're gone and catch up with them. Surrounded, Shanar teleports the two of them away to the nearby Forgotten Tower, where they hide from their pursuers.

Ivan's band catches up to them quickly, but run into a pack of Khazra. The goatmen immediately realize that Ivan and his band are under the influence of a demon, though they are not aware of it themselves. The demon takes control of Ivan during this time and brokers a deal with the Khazra, promising to uplift them once Sanctuary has been invaded. The demons agree, and reveal the location of Jacob and Shanar. The two struggle valiantly against both the humans and Khazra, and although they are eventually victorious Jacob cannot bring himself to kill his fellow kinsmen. Unwilling to continue to run, Jacob agrees to be taken into custody if they agree not to take his sword or hurt Shanar. Ivan agrees and they begin the journey back to Staalbreak.

Once they return, Ivan is immediately restrained and hung from his wrists until his execution the next day at dawn. Varik, the new constable after Jacob's father, wastes no time in gathering the nobility and decrying Jacob as a traitor. All of the noblemen seem to suffer from the same corruption as Ivan and his fellows without knowing it, and realizing that he'll not receive a fair trial or save his people, Jacob breaks free once again with Shanar.

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