Super Unique Monsters (Diablo II)

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Super-unique Monsters, also known as Sub-bosses, are a type of Unique Monsters. The main difference between them is that the names and location of Unique Monsters are always random while Super-uniques have a fixed name and spawn in the same location in every game.


All Super Unique monsters gain additional bonuses

  • +3 Monster Level
  • x5 Experience given upon death
  • Hit Point Bonus
    • x4 in Normal
    • x3 in Nightmare
    • x2 in Hell

In addition to the above bonuses, all Super Unique monsters spawn with a set of abilities. There are 13 of these in the game

Super-uniques, except Act Bosses, have 2-3 special attributes that are fixed. In Nightmare and Hell Difficulty, they get 1 and 2 bonus random attributes respectively as well.

All Freeze effects are demoted to Cold effects and all Stun and Cold effects have their durations cut in half when used against Super Uniques.

All the Act Bosses are Super Unique.

Super Unique Monsters

This is a list of all the Super Unique Monsters present in the game. To find their attributes and tips to defeat them, click on a link.

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V

*base monsters are unique.