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The summoning skills for the Druid are fairly similar to those of the Necromancer. The difference, is that the druid has more skills that either help him, or his party members, while those of the necromancer tend towards dealing damage instead of making party members stronger. The druid also differs from the necromancer in that the druid summons his allies from nature, while the necromancer bends the dead to his will, or creates golems to fight by his side.

The Skills

Required Level 1:

Required Level 6:

Required Level 12:

Required Level 18:

Required Level 24:

Required Level 30:

General Usage

These skills are more or less skills that you can cast, then forget about for a while. Of course, you will need to watch the life of your minions to make sure that they don't die, but for the most part you will not have to be casting these skills very often. As a rule of thumb, make sure to check your minions every time you finish a nasty fight, or when you're leaving town. If you do this, you will be able to check your minions when you are not in the heat of battle, and be sure that they will always be in top shape for other battles.

Common Builds

There are little to no viable builds that focus entirely on this skill tree. This is because these skills are designed more to enhance the builds, rather than make the builds. Skills from this tree can be used in nearly every build, Oak Sage is a common one that nearly every druid will pick up to give extra life, while Summon Grizzly is one that certain builds will use as a way to soak up damage. The Werewolf Druid uses both Heart of Wolverine and (Sometimes) Summon Grizzly, to help deal extra damage to his foes.