Stony Field (Diablo II)

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Stony Field
Stony Field (Diablo II).jpg
Act Act I
Waypoint Yes
Golden Chest No
Super Unique Rakanishu
Quests The Search for Cain
The Forgotten Tower
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Music Wild
Area Level
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 4 37 68
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Relative Area Size
Normal Nightmare Hell
Level 1 1 1 1
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Stony Field is an area located in Act I, and is reached by following a split in the path through the Cold Plains.

Stony Field is home to the Cairn Stones, which the player is required to activate during the Search for Cain quest. The Moldy Tome can also be found here, which will activate the Forgotten Tower quest. Both quests will require the player to travel through the Underground Passage, which is also located somewhere within Stony Field.


Monster Immunity Additional
Normal Nightmare Hell
Dark Ranger (Diablo II).gif
Dark Ranger
- - Lightning
Foul Crow (Diablo II).gif
Foul Crow
- - Poison
Foul Crow Nest (Diablo II).gif
Foul Crow Nest
- - -
Hungry Dead (Diablo II).gif
Hungry Dead
- - Lightning
Moon Clan (Diablo II).gif
Moon Clan
- - Cold
Skeleton (Diablo II).gif
- - Lightning
Rakanishu (Diablo II).gif
- - Fire
Super Unique
Carver (Diablo II).gif
- - Fire
Rakanishu's Minion


Find the Cairn Stones:

  • Amazon: "These stones serve some magical purpose."
  • Assassin: "These stones hold an ancient power."
  • Barbarian: "These magic stones are ancient."
  • Druid: "Hm. Such stones are common back home."
  • Necromancer: "I sense many spirits around the stones."
  • Paladin: "Maybe Akara could dispel the mystery of these stones."
  • Sorceress: "These stones radiate powerful magic."

The Moldy Tome:

"...And so it came to pass that the Countess, who once bathed in the rejuvenating blood of a hundred virgins, was buried alive... And her castle in which so many cruel deeds took place fell rapidly into ruin. Rising over the buried dungeons in that god-forsaken wilderness, a solitary tower, like some monument to Evil, is all that remains.
The Countess' fortune was believed to be divided among the clergy, although some say that more remains unfound, still buried alongside the rotting skulls that bear mute witness to the inhumanity of the human creature."