Stone Curse (Diablo I)

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Stone Curse
Stone Curse (Diablo I).png
Magic Requirements
Spell Level 1 51
Requires 255 at Level 10
Mana Cost
Initial Mana Cost 60
Reduction per Spell Level -3
Lowest Mana Cost 40

Stone Curse is a very useful spell that instantly freezes any enemy it is cast on. It lasts 5.6 seconds at level 1 and reaches the maximum 12 seconds at level 9. It works on every single monster in the game except Diablo and Na-Krul. Players are also immune to it.

This spell, along with Fireball, Chain Lightning and Mana Shield, is the reason why Sorcerers are the most powerful characters in the game. Every boss (except the mentioned end bosses) can be safely dealt with if the player possesses this spell.