Stinging Winds

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Stinging Winds
Stinging Winds.png
Act Act 2
Shrines Yes
Goblins {{{goblins}}}
Layout Fixed Borders
← Black Canyon Mines Khasim Outpost →
Road to Alcarnus →

Stinging Winds.

This is a bifurcated level between the Black Canyon Mines and the Road to Alcarnus, divided by the Khasim Outpost.


Normal Champion / Rare Unique
Random Spawns



Related Quests

Spawnable Containers

  • Cain's Lost Satchel (contains Belial, Lord of Lies)
  • Dead Beast
  • Dead Iron Wolf
  • Dead Villager
  • Defiled Bones
  • Hidden Cache
  • Iron Wolf Bowden's Corpse
  • Loose Stones
  • Resplendent Chest
  • Satchel (contains The Feared Hero)
  • Sun Bleached Corpse
  • Treasure Chest
  • Weapon Crate