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The stash with up to three unlockable tabs.

The Stash is where a player can safely keep items they find and can usually be accessed from town, following the player from town to town. However unlike the Stash in Diablo II, the storage space is shared across all characters on the same account.[1] Each player can only have access to their own respective stashes. A separate but similarly functioning stash is also enabled for hardcore characters with exclusive access therein.

The Stash starts out with 14 slots. Additional slots can be bought in batches of 14 for 10000 Gold.png each, up to 70 slots per tab. Two more tabs can be unlocked at the cost of 100,000 Gold.png for the first tab and 200,000 Gold.png for the second[2], bringing the total potential stash space up to 210 per account.[3][4]