Spectral Hit (Diablo II)

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Spectral Hit is one of the attributes that Unique Monsters may spawn with in Diablo II. This is one of the deadlier attributes, since it can hit with any one of the elements. If players have neglected to raise several resistances, then an encounter with a Spectral Hit monster could spell their doom.

One of the first encounters players will have with this ability is Corpsefire, a Zombie who is found in the first quest of the game, The Den of Evil.

What it does

  • Fire, Lightning, and Cold resistances: +20, only if respective resistances are initially below 75.
  • Chance to hit: x2.
  • In Nightmare and Hell difficulties, the minions will gain a 33-50% increased damage random elemental strike.


  • Make sure to keep your resistances up. If they are too low, this attribute will rip you apart.
  • Carry a Thawing Potion or two as well as Antidote Potions to negate the cold and poison damage they can deal.
  • If the monster is both Spectral Hit and Aura Enchanted, be extremely cautious if it has Conviction Aura, as this will greatly increase the damage you receive.
  • Ranged weapons are always a good choice, especially when battling Corpsefire. A set of throwing weapons will save you from a world of hurt, dang.