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Sons of Ohr Guild

We are the Sons of Ohr
Soldiers in the endless fight
We are those who live to die
In service to the Light

Established Mar 2, 2010
Game(s) Diablo, D II, D III
Website SoO thread
Leader Jetrall
Members 18 (Apr 8, 2010)
BNet Play? Yes

The Sons of Ohr (EST. March 2, 2010) is one of many fan-created guilds dedicated to Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo franchise. The guild promotes casual gaming within a "small cooperative community" with emphasis on "developing gaming relationships" and "offering aid" to one another. Events are generally non-competitive, focusing instead on teamwork and group benefit. As of April 8, 2010, the Sons of Ohr Roster is 18 strong. It's current leader is Jetrall.


Originally posted by Jetrall (Original Post)
Our primary goal, as a guild, is to create a small cooperative community dedicated to developing gaming relationships and offering aid to one another as it relates to Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo franchise. Our events are generally non-competitive, focusing instead on teamwork and group benefit. As a result, PvM (Player v. Monster) play is much more common with us than is PvP (Player v. Player). Along with traditional Diablo play, we strive to provide the groundwork for Hardcore, Ironman, and speed games both on BattleNet and through other multiplayer gaming platforms (such as Hamachi).

This is not a rigidly organized group. The "Sons of Ohr" banner serves primarily as a means to an ends. The idea is that through this guild you will be able to meet other like-minded players and organize events with one another without need for leadership approval. As such, the Guild Leader's main function is to help recruit and acclimatize new members, providing (hopefully) enough direction to get the ball rolling without being overbearing. All members should feel completely welcome to bring their ideas, questions, or concerns to their Guild Leader at any time.

It does not make any difference if you are already a part of another guild or clan. We are a very open and unconventional group and will accept almost anyone.

The only rule we ask that you strictly adhere to is an absolute rejection of cheats and hacks that modify online play. Mods affecting single-player modes only are 100% acceptable. If you are unable to play via BattleNet due to such modifications, we will look for alternatives.


On March 20th, 2010, an article (link) was posted on the front page of DiabloFans.com with information regarding Sons of Ohr. The article (written by Seth) contained an interview conducted with Jetrall and accompanying commentary along with a brief overview of some of the site's history. Following are some highlights from this article:

Originally posted by Seth (Original Post)
Over the last few weeks, DiabloFans has been slowly but surely rising to the challenge of clan and guild support for our gamer member base. Beginning this month, DiabloFans will support able and promising clans sprung through our community with forum space and privileges to help gaming culture prosper. Hoping to shed light on the old and the new to inspire and edify hopeful leaders, we have posted interviews for a long-standing Blizzard-based clan, Tysan, and a more recent one by one of our own, the Brotherhood of Destruction... Now we jump back to the local scene with Sons of Ohr, a loosely-nit guild vying for new members with events already in the agenda, including an Ironman competition this Saturday at 3:00 PM PST...

Originally posted by Jetrall (Original Post)
I think the first big thing that prompted my decision was the realization that, after not playing Diablo II for almost two years, I had basically no contacts on Battle.net, anymore. Having a group of friends you can count on is an integral part of multiplayer gaming, from my experience. With that in mind, I knew that I needed something that would fit a busy schedule and would be very open and non-exclusive. I didn't want to have to devote all my time to the guild or to the game. I figured there were probably others out there like me: people without the time to deal with traditional guilds and needed something different. Often times the best way to make your concept a reality is to do it yourself. So I did.

Originally posted by Jetrall (Original Post)
"Ohr" is actually the Hebrew word for "light", so "Sons of Ohr" really means "Sons of Light". This seemed like a good choice, simultaneously delivering the mysticism I was looking for and acknowledging my cultural heritage. While the mythos idea was eventually scrapped, the name that I developed stuck.

Originally posted by Seth (Original Post)
Many clans and guilds across the Diablo realms require members to adhere to strict naming conventions, and reside in specific realms, if not channels, and even specify if members are allowed to be Softcore, Hardcore, Ladder, or Non-Ladder-only. SoO shuns such restrictions, but Jetrall also wisely acknowledges such freedom's possible pitfalls.

Originally posted by Jetrall (Original Post)
I mentioned earlier trying to be flexible and non-exclusive. I think this is something few guilds manage to achieve - which is both a blessing a curse if you really look at it. While the notion of acceptance is very appealing to some people - especially those who may not always fit into a more common mold - there are also those that are skeptical. Some people may be put off by the idea of having to work around schedules that are very different from their own or having to deal with others' play styles. Still, I think that feeling of community we're trying to inspire will start to catch on sooner than later.


Main Article: Sons of Ohr Events
The most recent event hosted by the Sons of Ohr was:

LoD Ironman Derby - Round 1: (03/20/2010)
Nature Of Event: Diablo II Lord of Destruction Ironman Derby
Platform / Realm: BattleNet, US East
Date & Time: Saturday, March 20 (3:00 PM PST)
Particpants: 4 (Jetrall, Sixen, Stormcat, Donsro)
Notes: This was the Sons of Ohr's first event! Congratulations and thank you to everyone that participated! The event went off very well, considering the brand-new status of the guild and the inexperience of the participants with Ironman games. All players involved considered the activity a success. When asked if they would like to continue the event into a second round, all parties agreed.


To become a member of Sons of Ohr, one must send a Private Message to the Guild Leader with the following information filled out (as applicable):

Sons of Ohr Membership Application
- Forum Username
- Battlenet Realm
- Battlenet Username
- Email Contact (Optional)
- Instant Messaging Contact (Optional)

After a membership application is accepted, the user's information will be added to the Guild Roster.

Guild Roster

Main Article: Sons of Ohr Roster

As of April 8, 2010: The current Sons of Ohr member count is 18.