Socketed Items (Diablo II)

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Socketed Items are found throughout the game and have the potential to become very powerful items. Socketed items can be recognized by their grey text, which they share with ethereal items. Socketable items such as gems, jewels, and runes can be placed into socketed items, conferring their bonuses to the item. Sockets occur in helms, body armor, shields, and all weapons except throwing weapons. The amount of sockets found in an item can vary depending on the type and quality of the item. To find out the maximum number of sockets a particular item can have, refer to the individual item pages. Sockets can exist in conjunction with superior and/or ethereal modifiers on items. Sockets can also exist on magic and rare items if the item rolls the correct prefix. Many set and unique items also come with a pre-determined amount of sockets. It is possible for players to add sockets to an item via a variety of Horadric Cube recipes or by completing the first quest in Act V.

By far the most potent and popular use of socketed items is to create Rune Words. Rune Words can only be created in socketed items, and therefore they are highly demanded by players throughout all difficulties (especially when paired with the superior modifier). Armors with four sockets and Helms with three sockets are often socketed with Perfect Topazes as a simple and inexpensive way to boost Magic Find.