Skeletal Executioner

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The Skeletal Executioner looks like a stereotypical executioner. They wear tattered hoods and huge shoulder pads, and drag a huge Two-Handed Axe that causes sparks to fly behind them as it is dragged on the ground. They are by far the most damaging melee skeleton in the game and can easily make short work of poorly protected party members. Like all skeletons, they are usually found in large numbers so splash skills are particularly effective against them.

A group of Skeletal Executioners dragging their huge axes.






Image Name Affixes Variant Location Notes

Axegrave the Executioner.jpg

Axegrave the Executioner Heads Will Roll

  • Molten

Swift Skull Cleaver

Required by A Unique Collection achievement series. Random spawn in area.

Ezek the Prophet.png

Ezek the Prophet Ancient Nephalem Champion

Swift Skull Cleaver

Part of The Broken Blade