Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye

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The Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye are a loosely organized guild shrouded in mystery amongst the peoples of the West. These highly skilled archers employ skills that develop an "Inner Sight" that they use both in combat and to circumvent dangerous traps that they may encounter. Known only as wandering rogues in the West, the Sisters conceal their secret affiliation by posing as simple travelers. Many pompous fools have made the mistake of underestimating these steel nerved women in combat and paid a terrible price for their vanity.[1]

The order is first mentioned in Diablo I as the Rogue belongs to the sisterhood. In Diablo II they are the central organization of the first act as Andariel takes her seat in their monastery and corrupts most of their members. The few who survive are driven out to the countryside.

Known Members


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