Siege on Harrogath (Diablo II Quest)

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Siege on Harrogath
Siege on Harrogath icon.png
Quest Giver Larzuk
Quest Area Bloody Foothills
Goal Destroy Shenk the Overseer
Reward Larzuk will add sockets to an item of your choice.
Quest Items None
Optional? Yes
"If you're here to defeat Baal, you must prove it!" -Larzuk

The North has long been a solid bastion against the Evils of the Burning Hells, its mountain passages lined with fortifications and its Barbarians at the ready to brutally crush all opposition. Times have changed, however, and Baal has slowly destroyed all traces of human civilization on his way to ultimate triumph over the denizens of Sanctuary. You must traverse the frigid, gory, battle-wasteland that holds Harrogath in bondage and separates you from your final confrontation with the Lord of Destruction. Shenk the Overseer awaits you behind the enemy lines, lashing his crude demonic magic to aid his minions.

NPC Quest Dialog

Quest Activation Dialog

Larzuk:"If you're here to defeat Baal, you must prove it! As we speak, Harrogath is under siege by Baal's demons. Catapults rain death just outside the town walls. Baal himself travels up the sacred mountain, having left in charge here one of his most vicious generals, Shenk the Overseer. A ruthless taskmaster, he lashes his own minions into suicidal frenzies on the battlefield. If you wish to prove yourself to us, destroy the monster, Shenk, that commands those infernal catapults outside Harrogath. If you manage to do this, return to me."

After Initiating

Anya:"You've proven your skill at rescuing fair maidens...but how are you at killing vicious beasts?"

Cain:':"I believe that stopping the siege on Harrogath is the only way for you to earn the trust of these people."

Larzuk:"Uh...Did I mention there were catapults?"

Malah:"Qual-Kehk and his men have been fighting to break the siege for some time. Where many have failed, you may succeed."

Nihlathak:"After so many have died, who are you to think you can accomplish what our proud warriors could not?"

Qual-Kehk:"About to face Shenk the Overseer and stop the siege, are you? You should ask Malah to perform your last rites before you go, stranger."

Early Return

Anya:"Those demons have been out there since before your arrival. Can you do nothing to stop them? Your task is a simple one, warrior. Find Shenk and destroy him."

Cain:':"I understand your reluctance, but now is the time to strike."

Larzuk:"What's the matter, hero? Questioning your fortitude? I know we are."

Malah:"This may not be very encouraging, but you have fared better than the others who passed through those gates. In regards to Shenk the Overseer, remember: a general is nothing without his men."

Nihlathak:"What are you still doing here? I thought you were going off to die. Go...Be quick about it."

Qual-Kehk:"So, you still live. You're either quick or a coward."

Upon Completion

Anya:"I was starting to wonder how long it would take you to stop those beasts. Good job."

Cain:':"Those catapults were like nothing I have ever seen before. You have prevailed against Shenk, my friend, but Baal is still far ahead of you."

Larzuk:"You're an even greater warrior than I expected...Sorry for underestimating you. As a token of my appreciation, I will craft sockets into an item of your choosing, and from now on, you'll get the best price for all my wares."

Malah:"Oh...At last, the siege is ended. You truly are an angel. I thank you."

Nihlathak:"Ending the siege does not earn immediate respect, outsider. Respect only comes with sacrifice -- something I'm sure you know nothing of."

Qual-Kehk:"So...You managed to stop the siege. You are more powerful than I gave you credit for. You have rightfully earned my respect."

Character Quest Dialog

Bloody Foothills Entry

Amazon:"The siege must be stopped."

Assassin:"You'll pay for your atrocities, Baal."

Barbarian:"The time has come to cleanse my homeland."

Druid:"Baal, nothing will stand in my way."

Necromancer:"It takes more than a siege to stop me."

Paladin:"Baal, I'm coming for you."

Sorceress:"My magick will break this siege."

Quest Completion

Amazon:"Oops. Did I do that?"

Assassin:"Shenk, your command has ended."

Barbarian:"The siege is broken."

Druid:"The catapults have been silenced."

Necromancer:"My my, what messy little demon."

Paladin:"Harrogath is free from your kind, demon."

Sorceress:"Harrogath can rest easy now."