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This data according to the version 1.150a

Shrines, Cauldron and Goat Shrines

Shrines are always popular with the players. In The Hell, there are no shrines that will irreparably destroy any stats permanently. But there are a lot of shrines that give stats, money, potions, restore the player and identify and repairing things. See a list of all the properties in the table below. On it it is possible to determine what effect ​​the shrine leaves on its user only through a particular message.

dlvl Appearance Effect Message
1 - 24 sp and mp -1 to all stats, +4 to unspent points. One can learn only by making mistakes
1 - 24 sp and mp All layered items get +1 cur and base dur (up to 220)
and then one of layered items get -2 to cur and base dur.
New strength is forged through destruction
1 - 24 sp and mp Gets some AC.

Horror = +3 / Purgatory = +9 / Doom = +25.1

Those who defend seldom attack
1 - 24 sp and mp All weapons get +1 to max damage.1 The sword of justice is swift and sharp
1 - 24 sp and mp Manashield is casted on you.2 While the spirit is vigilant the body thrives
1 - 24 sp and mp Recharges staffs. The powers of mana refocused renews
1 - 24 sp and mp Items are repaired. Time cannot diminish the power of steel
1 - 24 sp only Close and refill all opened chests.3 What once was opened now is closed
1 - 24 sp and mp Explode lightning nova and restore mana. Arcane power brings destruction
1 - 24 sp and mp All potions you carry become holy waters. Bright and Dark become as the sky
1 - 24 sp and mp Fully restores hp and mp and drops two potions. The quality of the potions depend on dlvl of the shrine Drink and be refreshed
1 - 24 sp and mp Ethereal is casted on you. Magical damage cannot harm you
1 - 24 sp and mp Empty inventory slots are filled with gold. Riches abound when least expected
1 - 24 mp only User is unaffected, but other players on his/her level will receive restoration on their hp and mp, similar to a level up or a Full Holy Water. User: Where avarice fails, patience gains reward
Others: Blessed by a benevolent companion!
1 - 24 sp and mp +1 strength. Strength may be bolstered by faith
1 - 24 sp and mp +1 magic. Wisdom may come at the cost of self
1 - 24 sp and mp +1 dexterity. The hands of men may be guided by fate
1 - 24 sp and mp +1 vitality. Power may come from knowing yourself
1 - 24 sp and mp Identifies all items. Mysteries are revealed in the light of reason
21 - 24 mp only User is unaffected, but other players on his/her level earn +1 to a random stat at the cost of three others. User: Let the chips fall where they may
Others: No good deed ever goes unpunished
1 - 24 sp and mp Add two stats depends on player class and cast a single block Fire Wall. That which does not kill you...
1 - 3 sp only Adds 5 mag, minus 5% exp. Wisdom comes at the cost of experience
1 - 24 sp only Adds exp, cast flash.2 Some experience is gained by touch.
2 - 14 sp and mp Casts town portal. There's no place like home.
1 - 24 sp and mp Restore mana. Spiritual energy is restored
1 - 24 sp only Adds one stat depends on time of day. You feel more agile.
You feel stronger.
You feel wiser.
You feel refreshed.
1 - 24 sp and mp Break one layered item on half of dur, or get 10% of total player's gold. That which can break will.

1Changes back to normal after any loading (change floor or enter a townportal, maybe when u die too)
2Doubled to increase appearing chance
3Can't be in goat shrines and caldrons

Fountains, Pools and Springs

Fountains at the moment are more rare than the shrines, but they are also less useful. Blood Fountain and Purifying Spring after the changes have been more helpful, but Murky Pool and Fountain of Tears will improve. All fountains can be used an unlimited number of times. Below is a list of effects.

Title Effect
Blood Fountain Restores [(maxCurHP-curHP)/32] life per click.
Purifying Spring Restores [(maxCurMP-curMP)/32] mana per click.
Murky Pool Grants Seeing.
Fountain of Tears Grants Reflect.

Interesting Facts

  • In The Hell player can't see shrine names since v1.60k. This disallow to know shrine effect in good time
  • Shrine that discover full map is disabled since v1.66. It was very annoying when it is not clear where you've been, and where not
  • Since v1.130 beta 1 there is shrines with uniq animation in horror crypt. And in v1.150 were added some cauldrons in abyss
  • Shrines are also found in some quest locations. For example you can find cauldrons in passing quest Maiden of Angush
  • Due to the popularity maxing stats via so-called shrine-runs, we had to introduce "Mordor's stat limitations" in v1.109
  • Formula fountains has been changed in v1.140 to be more useful in that there is a player regen
  • In the quest Maiden of Angush blood fountains play a key role. The hero will need to move from one Blood Fountain to another to recover his/her HP without using a Healing spell or a Potion.

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