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Throughout Diablo you will come across a large number of magic shrines. Clicking on one of these shrines reveals a cryptic message and provides some sort of effect to the gameplay. All shrines have an effect (though it is not always to your benefit). In the Cathedral and Catacombs, the names of the Shrines are often visible before activation, and so the player can easily check what it does beforehand. In the later levels however, only Cauldrons and Goat Shrines appear. These act as shrines, but it's impossible to tell what they'll do prior to activation. In multiplayer Diablo, it is ultimately better to just ignore the Goat Shrines/Cauldrons, as the risks of damaging your mana pool permanently alone makes ANY positive outcome from either unworthy. Single player heroes should be saved before touching them, and the player can then reload the character if the shrine effect was not useful

Beneficial Shrines

  • Abandoned, Creepy, Cryptic, Divine, Eerie, Eldritch, Glimmering, Magical, Quiet, Religious, Secluded, Shimmering, Spiritual, Spooky, Stone, Thaumaturgic and Weird Shrines.

Potentially Beneficial Shrines

  • Enchanted Shrine. While it subtracts one spell level, it adds one level to all others. If a player has a lot of spells, these are essentially free spell books. The lost spell level can of course be regained later. If bad luck strikes, a high level spell is picked however. Warriors and Rogues will especially benefit from this shrine, as there is no other legitimate way to increase some spells' levels to 15, even with the best book reading equipment.
  • Hidden Shrine. The potential is interesting, but the reduction can happen to a unique item. Also note that this effect is permanent across saves, unlike the Gloomy and Weird shrines.
  • Holy. Doesn't really do anything, but could potentially put the player in a mob of monsters.
  • Mysterious. +5 to a random stat may be worth the -1 to all others, depending on the stat in question. If the stat, however, is maxed, or was 2 points away from maxing out. then the shrine is negative overall

Bad Shrines

  • Fascinating, Ornate and Sacred Shrines. While they technically are just trade-offs, it is never advisable to sacrifice 10% mana for 2 spell levels especially not for first level spells.
  • Murphy's Shrine. Damages a piece of your gear.
  • Tainted Shrines. While Tainted Shrines provide nothing for the user, the other players on his/her level WILL suffer overall from - stat points, even with +1 to a random stat.
Shrine Effect Activation Message
Abandoned Shrine Adds 2 to dexterity. The hands of men may be guided by fate
Creepy Shrine Adds 2 to strength. Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith
Cryptic Shrine Fully restores mana and casts Nova from the player. Arcane power brings destruction
Divine Shrine Restores health and mana.
Cathedral 1-3: Drops one Potion of Full Health and 1 Potion of Full Mana.
All other levels: Drops 2 Potion of Full Rejuvenation.
Drink and be refreshed
Eerie Shrine Permanently adds 2 points to magic. Knowledge and wisdom come at the cost of self
Eldritch Shrine Potions become rejuvenation potions. Full healing potions become full rejuvenation potions. Crimson and azure become as the sun
Enchanted Shrine* One spell goes down one level, all other spells go up one level. If the chosen spell is lvl 15 it will go down two levels. Magic is not always what it seems to be
Fascinating Shrine Adds 2 spell levels to Fire Bolt, but you lose 10% of your maximum mana. Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom
Glimmering Shrine All items in the player's inventory are identified. Mysteries revealed in the light of reason
Gloomy Shrine* Adds 2 defense to all shields, helms and armor in inventory and equipped. -1 to all weapons maximum damage. Those who defend seldom attack
Hidden Shrine Adds 10 points to the maximum and current durability of all items. One receives a permanent -10 durability. New strength is forged through destruction
Holy Shrine Casts Phasing on the player. Wherever you go, there you are
Magical Shrine Casts Mana Shield on the player. While the spirit is vigilant the body thrives
Murphy's Shrine Damages a random piece of equipment by half of it's durability. That which can break, will.
Mysterious Shrine Adds 5 points to one random stat, and takes 1 point from the other three. Some are weakened as one grows strong
Ornate Shrine Adds 2 spell levels to Holy Bolt, but you lose 10% of your maximum mana. Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom
Quiet Shrine Adds 2 to vitality. The essence of life flows from within
Religious Shrine Restores all weapon's durability to their maximum. Time cannot diminish the power of steel
Sacred Shrine Adds 2 spell levels to Charged Bolt, but you lose 10% of your maximum mana. Energy comes at the cost of wisdom
Secluded Shrine Completes map for current level. The way is made clear when viewed from above
Shimmering Shrine Refills mana. Spiritual energy has been restored.
Spiritual Shrine Fills your remaining inventory with random amounts of gold. Riches abound when least expected
Spooky Shrine* User is unaffected, but for other players, they receive a restoration effect on their hp and mana pool equal to a level up or a Full Rejuvenation Potion. You: Where avarice falls, patience gains it's own reward
Others: Blessed by a benevolent companion
Stone Shrine Recharges all Staves in the player's inventory. The power of mana refocused renews
Tainted Shrine* User is unaffected, but if there are any other players on the dlvl of the shrine. they get +1 to a random stat at the cost of -1 to all other stats.
You: Those who are last may yet be first
Others: Generosity brings it's own rewards
Thaumaturgic Shrine* All chests on the level close and can be searched again. What once was open now is closed
Weird Shrine* Adds 1 to all weapons maximum damage. Effects is temporary until a new game is started. The sword of justice is swift and sharp

* Enchanted: Never appears in the Caves or Hell.
* Gloomy: Effect only lasts until a new game is started. Singleplayer only.
* Spooky: Multiplayer only.
* Tainted: Multiplayer only.
* Thaumaturgic: Singleplayer only.
* Weird: Effect only lasts until a new game is started. Singleplayer only.