Shape Shifting (Diablo II)

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The Shapeshifting skill tree revolves around being an all around melee tank: there are no ranged skills in this tree aside from Shock Wave. This tree mainly focuses on spending time in either Werewolf or Werebear form to utilize skills made for either form, and to greatly enhance the natural abilities of the druid. If you're looking for a melee character, look no further than a shapeshifting druid.

The Skills

Required Level 1:

Required Level 6:

Required Level 12:

Required Level 18:

Required Level 24:

Required Level 30:

General Usage

These skills are your basic targeted melee skills. All of which will require you to be in "wereform" to use. After shifting, a druid will have skills available to him from either form, some of which apply to both, and some of which are form-specific. As a general consideration, both forms should have their "charge" skill active at all times, Feral Rage for wolves, and Maul for bears. These skills greatly enhance melee attacks, and make you all around deadlier. When these two skills are used in conjunction with others, it makes for a very deadly combination.

Common Builds

Like the Elemental Skills, players who use this tree will fall into two generalized categories. Wolf druids, and Bear druids. A common build for wolf druids is the Werewolf Druid, which focuses on quick damage output, rather than a single, devastating blow. For bears, the Mauler is a common build. This build focuses on single, devastating attacks instead of many smaller ones.